WUNDERKAMMER II: Die Träume des Alexander von Humboldt

A sound and smell journey to Mexico

The adaption of the second episode of the WUNDERKAMMER series invites you to experiment with your own imagination: Where do words, music and smells take us when we close our eyes and follow the traces of the Mexico trip (1804) of the great Berlin explorer through “the most beautiful country in the world”?

In this WUNDERKAMMER, Mexico stands as an example for the experience of the world and the way Alexander von Humboldt approached it. Thus he not only tells of a fascinating country and its people, but also of how everything is connected with everything else: Man and animal, objective world and subjective echo, man and cosmos. Humboldt’s diaries, essays and statements about him by contemporaries tell of his turned curiosity and openness, of respect and empathy for everything he found. But what Humboldt did not bring back from his research trip were music and scents.

Thus we take Humboldt’s open, empathetic gaze – which is decidedly distinct from the colonial thinking of his time – as a compass for an inner journey through our senses of hearing and smell. The composer and singer Diana Syrse, who was born in Mexico City, and the soprano Ana Schwedhelm, who grew up in Mexico, lead us on the traces of the expedition to four regions and cities of Mexico at that time and specifically today – using their voices, pre-Hispanic instruments, objects and electronic music – while the neuroscientist and olfactory artist Anna D’Errico provides special scents and smells in connection with plants and flowers “discovered” by Humboldt.

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The Wunderkammer II takes place in a special ambience: in the Kiezkapelle at Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof.

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Directions Kiez-Kapelle:
Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof
Hermannstraße 99-102
12051 Berlin
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Save the last Kiez – Neuköllner Originale | Episode III: WUNDERKAMMER II @ Prinzessinnengarten

How plants feel about Corona and how the team of Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv  coped with the anxiety after the first lockdown in March 2020: Lisa Dobkowitz will tell you in the first episode of SAVE THE LAST KIEZ – Neuköllner Originale! With Ana Schwedhelm and Diana Syrse with a preview of WUNDERKAMMER II.

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Einfach anfangen! | Tandem: LOST (1,5 m)

An Action Day for everybody

Actually, we all want the same thing, don’t we? To live more sustainably and consume more consciously in view of climate change. But somehow we often don’t quite get it right in everyday life…
While in the LOST music theater (1.5 meters) the consequences of doing nothing are made audible and visible in a tragic and poetic way, the Neuköllner Oper invites you to take action.

At our ACTION DAY on Saturday, 31.10., we want to get started together with the Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin and the blogger, author and activist Lydia Krüger. So pack your laptop, smartphone and your own urgent questions. Maybe you’ll quit the evil bank or the nasty global delivery service right today!

Our ACTION DAY is designed for the whole person with hand, head and soul. That’s why in the afternoon, we’ll start by packing our bags in the Princess Gardens at St. Jacobi Cemetery.
After gardening, a soup break warms body and soul. And afterwards we think, discuss and act in the Kiezkapelle: In small working groups, everyone can work on the most burning issues and possibly even come up with new solutions.

Our ACTION DAY is created in cooperation with the
Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin and activist Lydia Krüger.




Photos 1, 2: © Stefanie Tendler aka Lalalopoberlin Photography
All other photos: © Marion Ducamp/Nomadisch Grün

FREE ADMISSION. Please make a reservation in advance.

Directions Prinzessinengarten Kollektiv Berlin
Neuer Sankt-Jakobi Friedhof
Hermannstraße 99-102
12051 Berlin
S+U Hermannstraße