What other spaces of experience can music and narration open up, beyond current theater forms? Could the mirrored cabinets of the historical cabinets of curiosities create a productive, sensual echo chamber that enables other perspectives on a complex world? The Chambers of Wonder around 1600 – pre-forms of today’s museums – placed their often bizarre exhibits of art, craftsmanship, nature and science in a holistic “world context” that is often missing today. Inspired by this, the Neuköllner Opera House offers a new event format that brings together an inquisitive audience with experts* in music, science and art. With music as the central mediator, found objects, stories and experiments are brought together in a different light.

The WUNDERKAMMER series at a glance:

WUNDERKAMMER I – Sound and Worldview
THE AIR BETWEEN THE STRINGS. A journey with the baroque harpist Luise Enzian to the origins of music history and into the echo chamber of the Renaissance, with insights into the world, the central role of music, small experiments and sound images by Lena Wenta.
19/20 September 2020 at the Neuköllner Oper.

WUNDERKAMMER II – Imagination and smell
THE DREAMS OF ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT. A sound and smell journey to Mexico.
The composer Diana Syrse, the soprano Ana Schwedhelm and the neuroscientist Anna D’Errico (Goethe University & Max Planck Institute Frankfurt) lead into an expedition of the inner senses.
23/24 October 2020. in the Kiez-Kapelle of the Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Neukölln.

WUNDERKAMMER III – Music and Cosmos
THE UNANSWERED QUESTION. Music, cosmology and the big questions.
With Charles Ives’ composition The Unanswered Question, the music duo Wild Strings and the astrophysicist Sibylle Anderl on the moving questions in music, cosmology, quantum physics and philosophy.
18 February 2021 at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium.

WUNDERKAMMER IV – light, color and music
With music by Skrijabin, the director and video designer Vincent Stefan, the pianist Markus Syperek and a scientist on the trail of electromagnetic radiation, light, thoughts and of course music.
18. March 2021, location tba.

Further WUNDERKAMMERN are in preparation:

A nocturnal concert with birds: CITY OF NIGHT BIRDS-An encounter with highly creative and communicative beings: MUSHROOMS-WHAT THEY TEACH US ABOUT INTELLIGENCE – A special look at our BODY AS A WONDERFUL BEING – A visit to MUSIC IN THE HEAD – A search for traces of BEAUTY.

Conception and moderation: Bernhard Glocksin

Conception, research, equipment: Sabrina Rossetto