Music theater created by the Neuköllner Oper Young Ensemble by Yuval Halpern (music), Felix Krakau (text), Bjorn de Wildt (direction), Gwendolyn Noltes (costume design), Franziska Korte (production manager)
Again on March 12, 2019

Orpheus and Eurydice in their best clothes, in the best light, all dressed and ready to go: Orpheus Optimal is all set for its premiere. But then everything gets out of hand – performers quit, our Orpheus sings badly and is standing in the wrong set design on top of everything else. How much can one fail and why does nothing ever work out? An evening of failures large and small, setbacks and of dealing with grief – we follow Orpheus into the realm of the dead and save what can be saved.

Featuring: Rafeu Ahmed, Annika Blietz, Eheb Eissa, Lilly Gocht, Meta Hildebrandt, Celine Hochgräber, Kateryna Sheremetyeva, Khashayar Tajik; Manon Scharstein (piano)

World premiere on June 14, 2018 with additional performances on June 15 and 18.