For us, “making opera” means telling stories about what is important to as many people as possible and which would otherwise not make it onto the stage. Adding new things instead of rehashing the familiar. Musically diverse, with humor, passion and creativity.


Today a leading production house for new music theater and an anchor institution between state operas and the independent scene – at the time one of the first free, exemplary groups in divided Berlin.

Team And PartnerS

Unique nationwide: production house and network of permanent and freelance music theater makers from Berlin, Germany and Europe.


International, colorful, creative: Who are the teams behind our productions?


Making alternative music theater possible and promoting cultural education: With 230 members, our sponsoring association supports us in more than 10 productions with 150 artists each year.


Support the Neuköllner Oper with your membership and help to create new musical theater and diverse cultural education projects.

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