As one of more than 230 members of the Neuköllner Oper, you are not only closer to the theater, but you also make more theater possible: with your membership in our supporting association, you help to create new musical theater in more than 10 productions with over 150 artists per year and support diverse projects in cultural education. As our new association member, you will also receive: discounted tickets to our performances, our member newspaper NOwumm, and the certainty that with 40 euros in annual dues, you are making more opera possible than anywhere else.

So if you want to support the Neuköllner Opera with a membership, contact us by phone, fax or at


Simply download the membership application and email it to


Neuköllner Oper
Postbank Berlin,
IBAN: DE13 1001 0010 0396 8731 02

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