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Musical at the Neuköllner Oper is slightly different: where in other places dancing cats and singing vampires inhabit the stage, the Neuköllner Oper creates musical theater dealing with the stories of our every day life. Since 1997, Musical/Show department of the University oft he Arts has coproduced numerous plays.
Conceived by department head Peter Lund and derived from improvisation studies with students, the roles created are literally tailored to the actors’ personalities and skills. For those who give their performance debut on the Neuköllner Oper stage, it facilitates an ideal entry point into the industry.



Since 1997, a unique collaboration has united the Neuköllner Oper with GASAG (Berlin’s main natural gas vendor): they have founded the BERLINER OPERNPREIS, a bi-annual competition for musical theater composition. It addresses artist collectives and composers who want to conceive works for genre-ambiguous and socially engaged musical theater. Young creatives are challenged to fulfill the competition’s requirements – reduced to merely a thematic framework and the innovation of conventional musical theater – to participate in this practice-oriented contest.
This way, the BERLINER OPERNPREIS has fostered and mentored diverse variations of formats and works, which aim for – as member of the jury Detlef Glanert expressed – „more connectivity to living people, innovation and popularity, adventuresomeness and the pursuit of pleasure.“



An internationaler Competition for alternative Music Theatre
The BERLINER OPERNPREIS by Neuköllner Oper Berlin and GASAG
Hurray, we are heirs! A truly generous inheritance is just around the corner. The question is: who is actually up for which inheritance, who is seeking something out, who wants to receive something and who would rather prefer not to receive something during the reading of the will? The inheritance is enormous: over 400 years of music theater in Europe! What enriches and helps you as material in order to found and lead your company „NEW MUSIC THEATER“?

The BERLINER OPERNPREIS will provide the opportunity to produce a half-hour piece of music theater under the motto TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! at the expenses of those presenting the prize with a world premiere production in Berlin.

To apply, you simply need to submit a concept for a new piece of music theater which combines your personal artistic signature with the coming to terms with the legacy you have decided upon which you will produce yourself or arrange to have produced in conjunction with the production conditions listed below.
The competition is open to composers and/or music theater teams based in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Neuköllner Oper stands for undogmatic music theater incorporating all genres, styles and cultures and looks forward to vital, cosmopolitan, skillful works open to all experiences with music as the central protagonist on stage.

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The PREVIOUS Competitions

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Berliner Opernpreis 2012, New Deal

Berliner Opernpreis 2010, Verbotene Liebe

Berliner Opernpreis 2008, Der Sonderermittler

Berliner Opernpreis 2006, Tod eines Schneiders (Mooshammeroper)

Neuköllner Opernwettbewerb 2004, Putzfrauen (Wischen – No Vision)

Neuköllner Opernwettbewerb 2002, Münchhausen

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Neuköllner Opernwettbewerb 1997, Der Wurm



Founded in 2012 in cooperation with the „Alte Feuerwache“ in Kreuzberg, the „Young Ensemble“ of the Neuköllner Oper develops their own musical theater productions. With a self-written and composed musical quartet (director: Tanja Schmitz), the group introduced itself in June 2013 as Berlin’s first musical theater formation to continually produce pieces on the Neuköllner Oper stage.


The Neuköllner Oper Kids’ Club
The Neuköllner Oper Kids’ Club has reinvented itself: it is now NOKK twice! Good news for everyone who wants to join: while the old hats figure out their smartphones, we are LOOKING FOR NEWCOMERS:
Girls and boys between the age of 8 and 11 are invited starting May 19, to meet new, unknown friends living on and within them. On three days over two weekends, we join Lajos Talamonti on an adventure of a special, yet real kind. The program concludes in a performance for parents, siblings, grandparents, and other friends.
Information and registration via Benjamin Stein: 030/6889 0713
…our „oldies“ (age 12-15) have just successfully performed their new production, „Taylor.“ Together will all newcomers, they will perform it again at the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at the Remise, Uthmannstraße 12. More news soon…
… and in 2016?
Over six weekends, the children created „Der Wald der verwunschenen Kinder – ein Mini-Magical“ under the leadership of Lajos Talamonti, and music, movements, and games by Michael Kessler. It was performed at the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln.
NOKK is being generously supported by GASAG

As part of the project Berlin Mondiale – as initiated by the Council for the Arts and the Council for Refugees – the Neuköllner Oper developed the project MISSION B. In its second year, the project worked with children aged 7 to 12 at the transition-shelter Radickestraße (IB) in Aldershof. Focal point were fairy tales sharing intercultural protagonists. This year, workshops will be addressing women seeking asylum; their aim is to tackle the question of roles: how do we see them/how do others/how can we deal with them playfully.
Currently, this workshop form of encounter is extended with public events of cultural context (music, literature, etc.), which are developed by the participants. These events take place at the Neuköllner Oper.
The project is guided by theater pedagogues Kristina Roehl and Helena Klaßen.
In addition, afghani filmmaker Ghafer Faizyar is working on a documentary on every day life at the transition-shelter Radickestraße (IB), developed with the inhabitants and staff. A public presentation is planned at the facilities of collaborator Alex-TV in October.
The project „Berlin Mondiale“ is funded by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe as part of the master plan Integration and Security.

Previous Productions              2013 Quartett                        2014 „Weißgekleidete hässliche Kinder machen einen Ausflug“                         2015 „Odyssée d’Orléans – the d’Arc Knight Returns“  2016 „Puccini Cappuccini“