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Musical at the Neuköllner Oper is slightly different: where in other places dancing cats and singing vampires inhabit the stage, the Neuköllner Oper creates musical theater dealing with the stories of our every day life. Since 1997, Musical/Show department of the University oft he Arts has coproduced numerous plays.



Since 1997, a unique collaboration has united the Neuköllner Oper with GASAG (Berlin’s main natural gas vendor): they have founded the BERLINER OPERNPREIS, a bi-annual competition for musical theater composition.


Cooperation with the course of studies in music theatre direction at the HfM Hanns Eisler

For many years, the Neukölln Opera has specifically invited students and graduates of the HfM directing class to develop, produce and play their own new pieces together with us and as a production of the house – among others Michael von zur Mühlen, Miriam Saleviç and Julia Lwowski. We want to turn this custom into a new one: to invite “one year” each of the Masters in Music Theatre Directing to develop, rehearse and perform their own short pieces under practical conditions. This is a contribution to a well-founded education that combines theory and practice in a meaningful way and which is so necessary in this city of many opera houses.

OpenSpace Armida
– Three Directors
– Three Stagings
– Three Times  Armida
World premiere: February 24,  2016

Combattimento x2 nach Claudio Monteverdi
World premiere: March 24,  2017


Zaimoglu-Academy of Authors

Different attitudes, lifestyles and backgrounds meet in everyday urban life. They are the (sometimes explosive) material through which a diverse society moves. The Autorenakademie is a training project for young and experienced theatre authors that is unique in Germany because it focuses on the dialogue between German and foreign authors and on writing with and for music on stage. The focus is on the experienced observation of social processes, their scenic condensation and creation with music – exercises for a contemporary theatre with music as a central player. The first workshop under the title “Writing about Difference” was followed in 2012 by “Through the Night with Feridun Zaimoglu”. Six authors roamed Neukölln, together with their mentor, the specialist for literary research, hard on the curb. What they saw, staged, expressed with music and performed themselves could be experienced as a rapid premiere at the end of the workshop at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in October 2012. The Academy of Authors is led by Feridun Zaimoglu and Bernhard Glocksin. Compositions, musical rehearsal and direction: Vivan and Ketan Bhatti.

By the way: all finalists have since received writing commissions, premieres and/or other nominations for author festivals, for example Uta Bierbaum and Olivia Wenzel at the Autorentheatertage 2013 at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. The Neukölln Opera also supports its Academy authors with writing assignments: in November 2011 Olivia Wenzel premiered “bei drücken senden”, in spring 2013 the neighbourhood cantata “Neuköllateralschaden” by Uta Bierbaum, Alexander Capistran and Felix Kracke. In August 2013 there was a premiere of the “European Last Supper” with texts by Alexander Capistran and in September 2014 of “Exit Paradise” by Uta Bierbaum.

Zaimoglu Academy of Authors 2010: “Writing about Difference
Final presentation at the Neuköllner Oper on 30.10.2010.
Scenic arrangement: Nuran David Calis
Speakers: John von Düffel, Milena Mushak
Cooperation between the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Neukölln Opera.
Authors: Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji, Dmitrij Gawrisch, Katalin Naszály, Darja Stocker,
Cem Gerceker Tekin, Olivia Wenzel

Academy of Authors Zaimoglu 2012: “Through the Night with Feridun Zaimoglu”
Final presentation at the Heinrich Böll Foundation on 28.9.2012. Scenic installation: Anna Bergmann. Cooperation between Heinrich Böll Foundation and Neuköllner Oper. Authors: Uta Bierbaum, Alexander Capistran, Nadine Kaufmann, Felix Kracke, Azar Mortazavi, Tabea Venrath.