Berliner Opernpreis

Since 1997, a unique collaboration has united the Neuköllner Oper with GASAG (Berlin’s main natural gas vendor): they have founded the BERLINER OPERNPREIS, a bi-annual competition for musical theater composition. It addresses artist collectives and composers who want to conceive works for genre-ambiguous and socially engaged musical theater.

The current competition: comPOSITION
The Berlin Opera Prize of Neuköllner Oper and GASAG, in cooperation with Theater Freiburg and supported by  Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

comPOSITION invites you to produce a half-hour music theatre at the expense of the prize-givers and with premieres in Berlin as well as another collaboration with Theater Freiburg.  The competition is aimed at composers who work alone or in teams in Germany and Europe.

Neuköllner Oper stands for an undogmatic, genre-, style- and culture-spanning musical theatre and is looking forward to vital, cosmopolitan and experiential, artistic works with music as the central protagonist on stage. Two short stories by the author Ferdinand von Schirach form the textual basis for the competition*. Schirach is one of Germany’s most successful writers, whose books have become bestsellers all over the world and always have a social thematic reference. With the consent of the author, two of his works will be premiered as music theatre for the first time.

* A light blue day and subotnic from: Punishment by Ferdinand von Schirach (published by Luchterhand, available on request)

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