No room for heroes by Wolfgang Böhmer (music) and Peter Lund (lyrics)
Premiere 13 June 2019. Until 21 July 2019

Günnis clique is really cool. Anyway, finds Günni. Otherwise there’s not much cool in this small town in Central Germany, which Günni’s clique is terrorizing with its tests of courage. But what else can you do when half the city is unemployed and most of the parents are sitting apathetically in front of the TV?
Then comes Fred. Fred is different: Fred is cute and has ideas. With Fred everything suddenly becomes more fun. And he doesn’t dispute his position with Günni. Fred is a great henchman and soon Günni’s best man in the clique. Hagen could puke. Günnis best man was always Hagen. And if anyone has the right to court Gunni’s sister Jenny, it’s him! In a word: Fred goes hard on Hagen against honor. Honor is an important topic in DRACHENHERZ. Honor. Betrayal. And loyalty. No particularly current topics in today’s Germany, one might think. But on the contrary. What you do, how you fight and above all for what – these are the big questions every young person asks society today. And let’s be honest: our answers are poor. That was different with the Nibelungs. Everyone knew what they were fighting for. In the worst case for themselves. And Siegfried had to die because there was obviously no place for real heroes in the world at that time. Is there this place today? Or do the good ones still have to die because the mean ones just can’t bear to be so small in spirit? DRACHENHERZ wants to pursue this question and has borrowed the great story of the Siegfried Saga in order to retell it in the here and now and above all with today’s means of the musical.

Musical direction: Hans-Peter Kirchberg/Tobias Bartholmeß | Direction/Choreography: Peter Lund, Neva Howard, Mathias Noack | Stage Design/Costumes: Ulrike Reinhard | Video: Roman Rehor | Dramaturgy: Christiane Dost

Featuring: Florentine Beyer, Tristan Giovanoli, Florian Heinke, Ngako Keuni, Johannes Krimmel, Nicola Kripylo, Karim Plett, Denis Riffel and Timo Stacey
Co-production of Neuköllner Oper, Studiengang Musical at UdK Berlin and Theater Chemnitz