LOST (1,5 m)

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  • 15.11.2020 20.00 21.30

A ,Schwanengesang’
by Cordula Däuper/Johannes Müller (text) and Tobias Schwencke (music)

The house concert starts with Schuberts “Abschied”, glasses are raised in the far distance (1.5m away), trying to get under control the nervous whipping of the tip of the foot in a fancy shoe. But discomfort grows with every bar, intensified by every romantic Seufzermotif. The lady next to that is behaving strangely – and isn’t she suspiciously coughing as well? Another one has got a fever, even though she always paied for her CO2-compensation on her national flights. But it might just be the alcohol speaking. While the allegedly safe inside seems to become more and more narrow, the apocalyptic outside slips and the slightly romantically flickering dawn seems to be turning into a threat.

In LOST, the team of Casting Clara dedicates itself to those apocalyptic scenarios, that have been shaping our future vision for years now. From recent and historical predictions, political and literary visions a claustrophobic house concert develops. Rooted in Franz Schuberts last great composition – the song cycle “Schwanengesang”, it cross connects with Richard Wagners doomsday fantasy “Götterdämmerung” and modern protest songs. Haven’t the dystopian future visions been part of our present for a long time, maybe they always were? And why didn’t anybody tell us, that it’s THAT serious? And: How do we ever get out of here?

Arrangements/Composition/Musical Direction: Tobias Schwencke | Director/Text Cordula Däuper | Dramaturgy/Text: Johannes Müller | Dramaturgy: Änne-Marthe Kühn | Stage: Sylvia Rieger | Costume: Sophie du Vinage | Assistant of Direction and Production: Judith Gerhardt | Musical Assistance/Rehearsal/Correpetition: Insa Bernds | Costume Assistant: Pauline Claus | Stage Assistant: Ann-Laure Jullian de la Fuente | Makeup: Anne-Claire Meyer | Evening Manager: Regina Triebel

With: Karla Sengteller, Fernanda Farah, Nadja Petri, Olivia Stahn, Cathrin Romeis and Tobias Schwencke (Music Director/Grand Piano), Jörgen Brilling/Martin Steuber (Guitar), Horia Dumitrache/Hugo Rodríguez (Clarinet), Josa Gerhard/N.N. (Violin), Daniel Eichholz/N.N. (Percussion)

world premiere on 22 October 2020.

EINFACH ANFANGEN! – An Action Day for everyone



Actually, we all want the same thing, don’t we? To live more sustainably and consume more consciously in view of climate change. But somehow we often don’t quite get it right in everyday life…
While in LOST (1.5 METERS) the consequences of doing nothing become audible and visible in a tragic and poetic way, the Neuköllner Opera House, in cooperation with the Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin and the activist Lydia Krüger, invites you to take action! All information about the Action Day and ticket reservations can be found here.

Photo: © Matthias Heyde