Wunderkammer III: Pilze

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Why we are not individuals

In the autumnal princess garden we meet fascinating creatures. They make us wonder, sing and see the world differently. Whatever you thought about mushrooms: Mushrooms and humans are an inseparable team. They are everywhere, in, around and between us. They keep us alive, break down pollutants in the atmosphere, change animal and plant behavior, and influence how we humans feel and think. What’s more, fungi and especially mycelia, their underground network of filamentous extensions, reveal fascinating patterns of intelligence, communication and organization – including the fact that we are not individuals in the classical sense of the word. Inspirations for meeting the challenges of our time?

But mushroom structures also have a lot to do with music. A polyphonic music – polyphony – is something like a mirror, an experience of the networks and labyrinths of mushrooms in the audible. On this evening we will listen to polyphonic music by Monteverdi, Bach and Piazzolla, among others, and we will sing ourselves – an experience of the world in its sensually audible image. Music connects, like microorganisms and fungal structures connect humans, animals and plants.

With the fungus expert, microbiologist and artist Vera Meyer, the expert for swarm and other forms of organization Jens Krause and musicians we will go on a journey through gardens, chapels and cemeteries, become part of structures and a music that is a sensual reflection of the experience through simple canons to complex polyphony.

With Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer, microbiologist (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Jens Krause (HU Berlin), Markus Syperek (musical director) and other musicians with music from Monteverdi to the present.
Host and moderator: Bernhard Glocksin
Interior design: Sabrina Rossetto

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The event will take place in the Prinzessinnengärten at the New St. Jacobi Cemetery (Hermannstraße 99-105, 12051 Berlin | S+U Hermannstraße).

When purchasing tickets and visiting the show, please be aware of our safety instructions and precautions to contain the Corona pandemic.

Photo: © Christian Scheckhuber