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Marc Sambola

Originally from Barcelona, Marc Sambola is a composer, musical director and stage director.
He has composed numerous works for different theaters in Spain and worldwide such as musical “El Projecte Dels Bojos, Una Utopia Musical” for La Barni Teatre, “Si Quieres Dulce No Pidas Calamares” and “Campamentos” for Microteatro in Madrid and Mimitea3 in Barcelona. Furthermore, he composed for Lazzigag’s Pruduccions, for Jumping Ducks, for Aules, for Agv and for Los Angeles Rock Opera. He also arranged the musicas “Ojos Verdes Miguel de Molina In Memoriam” and “Le Llaman COPLA” for the Barni Teatre, “CINC” for the Versus Teatre, “Soundtrack” by Roger Berruezo, the show “Asufre” by Dei Furbi, the themes for “A Grup Vocal” and the studio album “Punto de Rocío” by Daniel Anglès.
His directorial works include “Ojos Verdes Miguel de Molina In Memoriam,” “El Projecte dels Bojos, Una Utopia Musical” and “Le Llaman COPLA” for the Barni Teatre, “Midsummer, A Play With Songs” for Tantarantana Teatre, Albena Pruduccions and Tanttaka Teatroa, “El Partit”, “Polski”, “Per si no ens tornem a veure”, “Artaban, la llegenda des quart Rei Mag”, “Tom Sawzer Detectiu”.
As a director of the finalists of the Spanish television format “Oh Happy Day” and as a coach of the third season of this show, he achieved national attention.


Marc Sambola (c) Marina Castells

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