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9 Tage wach

(AWAKE FOR NINE DAYS STRAIGHT) by John von Düffel based on the book of  Eric Stehfest and Michael J. Stephan
Music: Christopher Verworner, Claas Krause | Version: Fabian Gerhardt

World Premiere on  April 11. Until May 19, 2019 | with English surtitles

He had a relationship with her for years after the first failed childhood love. Growing up at the gates of Dresden, Eric came into contact with the party drug Crystal Meth at the age of 14 in Neustadt. His great-grandfathers used amphetamines as bomber pilots in World War II to lose their fear of killing and being killed. In the basic substance it is “the same stuff” that Eric consumes to feel invincible, to celebrate for days, in short: “to fly”. The drug puts Eric’s life to the test: dealing, traffic offences, robbery, a suspended prison sentence and the separation from his great love Anja, who aborts the child together.
Eric Stehfest belongs today to the shooting stars of the German television, with 9 TAGE WACH he wants to clear up the dangers of the fashion drug and reports mercilessly of the drug scene, the painful withdrawal and his long double life.

Musical Direction: Christopher Verworner, Claas Krause | Stage Direction: Fabian Gerhardt | Choreography: Lilit Hakobyan | Stage Design: Michael Graessner | Costume Design: Laura Kirst | Videos: Vincent Stefan | Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin

Featuring: Christian Clauß, Sophia Euskirchen, Linda Podszus, Armin Wahedi Yeganeh, Jochen Weichenthal and the musicians of VKKO Berlin

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