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Welcome to Hell

A musical by Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Peter Lund
Again from November 22, 2018 through January 03, 2019

Hamburg hosting the world – and it could have been so lovely, if it wasn’t for the G20 summit.
This highly explosive event has catapulted Germany’s second largest city into the visor of politics, and when it’s about inducing maximal rage and minimal dialogue, these politicians really know what they’re doing.
Twelve people and a week of street fights: from the grocery store clerk to the graduate student, the all-too-empathetic protester to the traumatized state employee – they all get their share of shattered glass and shattered illusions.
Composer Michael von der Nahmer proved with his Neukoellner Oper debut KLANGWANDLER (2010) how music reveals structural elements behind situations. Street musicals have a long-standing tradition at the Neukoeller Oper, and are yet again backed by a well-known team: Peter Lund with journalistic words and phrases, Neva Howard with choreographed street fights, a picturesque Schanzen quarter by Zoe Agathos, and all under musical direction by our squad leader Hans-Peter Kirchberg.

Music: Peter Michael von der Nahmer | Stage Direction/Book/Lyrics: Peter Lund | Musical Direction: Hans-Peter Kirchberg, Tobias Bartholmeß | Choreography: Neva Howard | Stage/Costume Design: Zoe Agathos

Featuring: Alexander Auler, Katia Scheherazade Bischoff, Didier Borel, Nikko Andres Forteza Rumpf, Katharina Hierl, Tae-Eun Hyun, Mira Keller, Pablo Martinez, Lucille-Mareen Mayr, Mathias Mihai Reiser, Loïc Damien Schlentz, Anastasia Troska, Andrea Wesenberg

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