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A trip with songs by »Stadtaffe«
Performances run from June 9 – July 18, 2018

with english subtitles on weekend performances

Black to blue, that is the dawn over Berlin in the already legendary lines of text by Peter Fox about the way back home through grubby streets after a night of excessive partying. For F., the hero of the piece, the blue of the day beginning turns back into black. He passes out – and wakes up surrounded by the whiteness of a clinic… .. Surreal flashbacks between reality and a fever dream lead him (and us) back into the events of the previous night: at some point, the difference between dream and reality blurs for us, the spectators, as well and we feel as euphoric as if we had just had a night out on the town.

“Director and co-writer Gerhardt effectively creates an independent story amongst the excellent songs…ideally matched.” (zitty)

Beastly good!” (Der Tagesspiegel)

Libretto by: John von Düffel/Fabian Gerhardt in a version by Fabian Gerhardt
Directed by Fabian Gerhardt | Arrangements and Music Direction by: Fred Sauer | Dramaturgy by: Bernhard Glocksin | Scenography by Michael Graessner | Choreography by Stella Caric


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