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Berlin, Google&Co.

by Anna Catherin Loll, Carlotta Rabea Joachim and Beka Savic
World Premiere on 14 February 2020

Timo and Sven are stars, for a really special audience. They are young, courageous, creative and they actively design their neighbourhood. In short, they are sprayers, and what they do is celebrated. Like Justin, who also likes to post his heroes on the net. And he, as the word already says, catches them in it… And since we’re in Berlin: What would the city be without a Google campus, and what would Kreuzberg be without a few people who have little sympathy for it? Which gives heroes like Timo and Sven an occasion and plenty of opportunities to get in touch with the giant company and the German authorities.
The investigative journalist Anna Catherin Loll has been commissioned by the Neuköllner Oper to look into the various scenes of this city and to write a play about the resistance against Google&Co. and the power of Utopias.
With the composer Carlotta Rabea Joachim and the director Beka Savic – both for the first time at the Neuköllner Oper – this team opens a series of events for a different Berlin: REBOOT BERLIN – Get your room back.

Director: Beka Savic – Musical Director: Hans-Peter Kirchberg / Insa Bernds – Set Design: Celine Demars – Dramaturgy: Carola Söllner / Bernhard Glocksin
With Linda Hartmann, Corinna Ruba, Christian Clauß and Olaf Taube (percussion) and Hans-Peter Kirchberg / Insa Bernds (piano)

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