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An inclusive ritual with the Project Wildeman
World premiere May 3, until July 2, 2017

Can theatre be more than watching, than feeling moved or enraged? What if it once again became a ritual, a festivity, an encounter. A space for experience, without plot and players? A space in which artists and audiences can hear, feel, receive, and engage with another. Where they can perceive sound, rhythm, and their very own heartbeat, their own true self in general. Isn’t our every day life predominantly defined by our relationships with others – colleagues, partners, friends, family? Individualism and community, the ever-relevant riddle: a game, an experience, a truly different night at the theatre.
Just after Walpurgis Night we open this unique space for those who hunger for life and are open to adventures. Here, every one can decide for themselves just how inactive they wish to remain, to become a central element of the events or to observe from the side line. From Amsterdam we’ve invited a team of experts: the Project Wildeman are four musical theatre makers, known for their energetic performances, physically challenging their audiences. They combine electronic music with African percussion, poetry with verbal battle, ritualistic dance with static soundscapes. Rhythm, trance, and physiscal exhaustion. You are cordially invited to engage in this experience, beginning with an excursion through all of Neuköllner Oper and ending up with a community meal.

Concept, music, design of instruments and play: Project Wildeman (Robin Block, Sven Hamerpagt, Milan Mes, Maarten Vinkenoog) | Text: Robin Block | Concept development and guidance: Jonatan Bartling – Zinnig Noord | Director: Olivia Schaaf |Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin – Neuköllner Oper | Décor and costumes: Sarah-Katharina Karl | Sound: Ray Vaessen

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