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A musical film project. Or a filmic musical. By Peter Lund and Thomas Zaufke. Coproduction with UdK Berlin, Musical/Show. Again from November 29

Lennard is 18 and can’t make up his mind. But, at least he’s done one thing: he’s moved into a shared apartment together with the totally chill Ben and the totally crazy Fine. But Lennard already has more than enough roommates. At least inside his own head. Boris, the macho heterosexual, his feminine side Helena, sensible Sophia, Lennard’s inner child, Theo, super cool Tess and, of course, Jürgen, the personification of all of Lennard’s fears. And all of them constantly share their opinion with Lennard, completely uninvited. It’s no wonder that Lennard needs so much time to make up his mind. Especially when it comes to the question of who Lennard could fall in love, the movie in his head goes full screen! And neither Fine nor Ben could have known exactly who they decided to share an apartment with. And most of all, how many people he already had living in his head!

Peter Lund – Stage Direction | Bijan Azadian/Tobias Bartholmeß – musical Direction | Neva Howard – Choreography | Ulrike Reinhard –  | Daria Kornysheva – Stage Design and Costumes

Featuring: Adrian Burri, Jasmin Eberl, Markus Fetter, Jonathan Francke, Linda Hartmann, Lisa Hörl, Friederike Kury, Helge Lodder, Lisa Katharina Toh, Nico Went

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