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Musiktheater Vernetzt: Equality

The Neukölln Opera once again invites an exchange of ideas on what a 21st century music theater that reflects our diverse society might look like.

Since 2019, the 200th anniversary of Clara Schumann’s birth, we have repeatedly placed the question of equality at the center of our discourses, most recently in intensive rounds of discussions, including those held as part of last year’s Berlin Opera Prize. These provided an overview of grievances, developments and hopeful steps in this direction.

The focus is on the compatibility of family and theater, the quota of women* in management positions at music theaters, and programming. What about the composition of the (artistic) teams backstage and in front of the stage, about authorship, play selection and the representation of women?

Participants include: Isabel Ostermann (opera director and deputy artistic director, Staatstheater Braunschweig), Cornelie Kunkat (advisor for women in culture and media, Deutscher Kulturrat), Kirsten Uttendorf (opera director, Staatstheater Darmstadt), Joosten Ellée (Artistic Director, PODIUM Esslingen), Thomas Schmidt (Professor of Theater and Orchestra Management, HfMDK Frankfurt), Sarah Ströbele (Dramaturg, Music Theater and Dance, Theater Magdeburg), Josefine Göhmann (Soprano), Anna Gerhards (Bühnenmütter e. V.), France Elena Damian (Pro Quote Bühne), Marie-Louise Stille (Women in Arts and Media)

This event is part of the series MUSIKTHEATER HEUTE !?.
Subsequent discussions will include music theater and sustainability, music theater and racism, music theater for new audiences.

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