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Musiktheater Heute!? – ARE WE EQUAL ALREADY?

No, unfortunately still not. That’s why the Neuköllner Oper is once again inviting an exchange of ideas, about what a 21st-century music theater that reflects our diverse society might look like.

Since 2019, the 200th anniversary of Clara Schumann’s birth, we have repeatedly placed the question of equality at the center of our discourses, most recently in intensive rounds of discussions, including those held as part of last year’s Berlin Opera Prize. These provided an overview of grievances, developments and hopeful steps in this direction.

Now we want to focus and deepen the discussion with more time, space and expertise at our get-together. A subsequent snack together offers the opportunity for further networking and informal exchange. Among the guests are Isabel Ostermann (opera director and deputy artistic director of Staatstheater Braunschweig), Cornelie Kunkat (Frauen in Kultur Deutscher Kulturrat) and representatives of Bühnenmütter e.V. and Pro Quote Bühne.

This event is part of the series MUSIKTHEATER HEUTE !?.
Subsequent discussions will include music theater and sustainability, music theater and racism, music theater for new audiences.

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