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Nix zur Miete und kein Deckel

A theatrical all-round performance with Änne-Marthe Kühn and the real estate infotainment OPERA FOR SALE
Berlin’s constitution promises adequate living space for everyone… Whether a solo self-employed single actress, let’s call her Elli Konopke, after Corona and tilted rent cap also still counts to these people?
The rent cap has been overturned, apartments are scarce and overpriced, and now the federal elections are just around the corner. Before the new edition of the web series Opera for Sale and in front of her grandfather’s gazebo, our dramaturg Änne-Marthe Kühn asks herself and guests from activism, politics and journalism questions about equal housing and the ownership situation on the Berlin housing market. A series in three steps, with statements from those who should know.


27 May 2021
Episode 1/3

What if we were Elli Konnopke? Because she has lost her apartment due to the fall of the rent cap. Stranded in a summerhouse with her grandfather, she asks Justus von Daniels, editor-in-chief of the research collective CORRECTIV, questions about the current situation regarding construction, housing and urban development – and he provides answers that are not so easy at first.

3 June 2021
Episode 2/3

Back at Elli Konnopke’s, back in the gazebo. Elli has sent a few hundred emails to a few hundred politicians in the Bundestag and has even received answers. Today we see what Cansel Kiziltepe (SPD) and Chris Kühn (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen) have to say about housing and hope that the nice words will be followed by actions.

10 June 2021
Episode 3/3

The last episode of “Nix zur Miete und kein Deckel” is about safety and security. Kai Wegner (CDU) and Sebastian Czaja (FDP) have dealt exclusively with the complexity of Elli Konnopke’s situation for the Neuköllner Opera and affirm how important action is to them. Whether Elli will come out of the gazebo with these answers, we will see.


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