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Reboot Berlin

Once, Berlin offered open spaces and possibilities for a self-determined life like no other metropolis. That´s over. Over and done with. In addition to the two stage productions Betterplazes and Opera for sale, we invite you to a journey through ideas and encounters – impulses to (at least partially) take back our city.

OPERA FOR SALE – The Web Series
A musical real-time infotainment exclusively presented by the Angel Dust Opera Neukölln™,
a company of Angel Dust Properties Inc.
Our company has been exposed to a number of divisive tendencies and forces, particularly in recent times. What reliably unites Germany: real estate speculation and record rents. OPERA FOR SALE – the web series is a pitch-black online comedy about the madness of living and the question “Who owns the city?”, based on our last pre-Corona premiere of the real estate infotainment by Felix Krakow and Yuval Halpern.

SAVE THE LAST KIEZ – Neuköllner Originals
Video series. Starting July 22, 2020.
Not only since Corona the neighbourhood has been fighting for survival. Rising rents and real estate speculation threaten all the small pubs, shops and micro-institutions that enliven the quarter around the Neuköllner Opera House and give this colourful cosmos its many faces. In our new video series, we bring the neighbourhood into the music theatre and the music theatre into the neighbourhood, so that the neighbourhood may remain with us even after the crisis. We talk to our neighbours* about Corona, rising rents and show small excerpts from our upcoming plays with exclusive performances in those restaurants, shops and small institutions that give our neighbourhood its many faces.

How does resistance work?
20 February 2020 following the performance of Betterplazes
Why do activists do what (almost) everyone is talking about? What leads from thought to action? The first extra following Betterplazes is about what helps and hinders us to become active.
With Yann Leretaille, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Good Technology Collective, and Professor Malek Bajbouj, head of the Centre for Affective Neuroscience at the Berlin Charité, on brain structures, emotions and (digital) manipulation. Moderator: Anna Loll, investigative journalist (e.g. for Die Zeit, The Guardian), author (e.g. of the play Betterplazes) and curator of this series.

Anger and longing
26 February 2020 following the presentation of Betterplaces
Is graffiti vandalism? Or political art? Certainly one thing: resistance against a clean, smooth city. Following Betterplazes, Frank Rieger, Chaos Computer Club, and Jonathan Meyer, performance artist and “graffiti artist”, discuss anger and longing in a digitalized, monitored and standardized world. Moderation: Anna Loll

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