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VKKO @ Neuköllner Oper

They are the sound of THE DEAN OF GERMANY: the men who tickle the groove of our days out of old hits – Claas Krause and Christopher Verworner. With their in-depth musical analyses in the section “The Song in 30 Seconds” they have set standards, and with their compositions and arrangements they have created a cult figure out of a forgotten pop star of the GDR. So who are these composer-musicians and who is their band, the VKKO?

After seven episodes of THE DEAN OF GERMANY, it’s time to turn the cameras on this special musical apparatus behind the show stairs and give the seven musicians their own show. Recorded on the night of the grand DoG finale, we present: The VKKO under Claas Krause and Christopher Verworner in jam with the musicians Georg Stirnweiß (bass), Jan Landowski (trombone), Maria Schneider (percussion), Edward King (cello) and Philip Dornbusch (drums).

From 20 May 2021, 9 pm

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Upcoming VKKO shows:

7.12.2021 at Konzerthaus Berlin

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