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Zwischenmenschliche Arbeitssysteme und andere Liebesgeschichten

by Rezan Aksoy and Felix Sodemann
Livestream on June 22/23/24, 2020

A production of Kultur in Vielfalt e.V.
with the friendly support of the Neuköllner Oper

ASDF and QWER meet to make a logbook entry. While they check the performance of their batteries, their heat and their state of mind, they notice that their battery levels are continuously decreasing. The endless existence they had assumed until now has turned out to be deceptive. Isolated in their virtual world, they spend their last hours together and begin to question their being and their tasks as interpersonal work systems (ZA), but also their own relationship. Created in a state of lockdown, confronted with the question of what constitutes human existence at its core, Interpersonal Work Systems and other love stories create a situation in which two artificial intelligences meet in a now human-free world and discover that they have become more than just learning machines. And while they explore being alive, we wonder what could make digital theater live.

Live stream via our Facebook page and our YouTube channel.

Performance on 22.6: followed by a talk with the artist* in German via Zoom at 10 pm.
Performance on 23.6.: followed by an artist talk in Turkish via Zoom.
(Meeting ID: 854 3483 2132 | The password for the conversation will be announced at the end of the play).

Director/Dramaturgy/Play development: Rezan Aksoy, Felix Sodemann

Video/streaming technology:
Emre Birişmen, İbrahim Karcı

With: Ela Cosen, Asad Schwarz-Msesilamba

Admission to the online event is free. Instead of entrance fee you are welcome to donate:

donation account:
Recipient: Neuköllner Opera House
Intended use: Zwischenmenschliche Arbeitssysteme
IBAN: EN13 1001 0010 0396 8731 02
Postbank Berlin

This project is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the Fellowship Program “Weltoffenes Berlin”.

(İbrahim Karcı)

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