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A lovesong by Hakan Savas Mican and Jörg Gollasch

world premiere 9th October 2021

1989 ff. Miracles still happen, next to the fall of the Berlin wall. One of them is the lovestory of Lisa and Cem, two young people from very different worlds. Cem’s mother Esma, who works as a cleaner, really has other plans for her only son. He is supposed to study in order to one day live a better life than her. Lisa’s grandmother Eva, a forgotten opera star from Marzahn (DDR), has equally grand plans with her offspring: She wants her to have a big carreer as a singer. But Eva’s plan does not envision a romance with a muslim for her Lisa. But that’s the way miracles work: they happen unasked for. Lisa and Cem fall in love, get married, Lisa gets pregnant. Once, twice, thrice. She loves her children and forgets about her own life. Both juggle: Cem between grafiti, university and his student job in a factory; Lisa between being a mother, wearing a head scarf and the admission exam for the music academy. But then they realize, that their life has brought them to a point of no return.