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Anna Catherin Loll

Anna Catherin Loll is a freelance investigative journalist and
researcher from Berlin. Since 2006 she has worked for
the ZEIT and the FAZ and publishes radio reports for the stations
SWR2, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and NDR Info. In terms of content
she concentrates on investigative research in the fields of national security
national security and terrorism, with a focus on financial
on financial interconnections. She is also interested in the hacker scene and
encryption are also of interest to her. Artistically, Anna
Loll is active as a librettist.

Involved in

Fuck the facts

Fuck the facts

Welcome to the age of self-empowerment. Just switch on your computer and twitter, post, troll, and hate away. Boss is base. Self-entitlement worldwide…World Premiere 13.09. 2017

Premiere on 13. September 2017.
To 20. October 2017.



What would the city be without a Google campus, and what would Kreuzberg be without a few people who have little sympathy for it?

Premiere on 14. February 2020.
To 19. May 2020.

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