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Project Wildeman

Project Wildeman, consisting of Milan Mes, Maarten Vinkenoog, Sven Hamerpagt en Robin Block, creates absurdist and intuitive music theatre with guts. Child and warrior; playfulness and primal forces blend. Project Wildeman makes raw, contemporary rituals that effortlessly float between primitive and futuristic, physical and virtual. Project Wildeman their strength lies within their surrender – in both the physical excesses and their vulnerability in their context with the audience.


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Can theatre be more than watching, than feeling moved or enraged? What if it once again became a ritual, a festivity, an encounter. A space for experience, without plot and players? A space in which artists and audiences can hear, feel, receive, and engage with another…World Premier 3.05. 2017

Premiere on 03. May 2017.
To 02. July 2017.

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