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Musical at the Neuköllner Oper is slightly different: where in other places dancing cats and singing vampires inhabit the stage, the Neuköllner Oper creates musical theater dealing with the stories of our every day life. Since 1997, Musical/Show department of the Universität der Künste Berlin (University oft he Arts) has coproduced numerous plays.
Conceived by department head Peter Lund and derived from improvisation studies with students, the roles created are literally tailored to the actors’ personalities and skills. For those who give their performance debut on the Neuköllner Oper stage, it facilitates an ideal entry point into the industry.

Productions since 1997

1.  1997 Lady Be Good! – Musical by George Gershwin
2.  1998 Boys of Syracuse – Musical by Richard Rogers
3.  1999 How to succeed in business without really trying – Musical by Frank Loesser
4.  2001 Love Bite – Musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund
5.  2002 Assassins – Musical by Stephen Sondheim
6.  2004 Panik Sound Club – Musical by Niclas Ramdohr and Peter Lund
7.  2005 Erwin Kannes, Trost der Frauen – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
8.  2006 Maja & Co – Insectoperetta after Jacques Offenbach
9.  2007 Kauf Dir ein Kind – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
10. 2009 Leben ohne Chris – Musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund
11. 2010 Mein Avatar und ich – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
12. 2011 Frau Zucker will die Weltherrschaft – Musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund
13. 2013 Stimmen im Kopf – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
14. 2014 Schwestern im Geist – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
15. 2015 Grimm! – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
16. 2017 Kopfkino – Musical by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund
17. 2018 Welcome to Hell – Musical by Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Peter Lund
18. 2019 Drachenherz. Kein Platz für Helden by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund







Cooperation with the course of studies in music theatre direction at the HfM Hanns Eisler

For many years, the Neukölln Opera has specifically invited students and graduates of the HfM directing class to develop, produce and play their own new pieces together with us and as a production of the house – among others Michael von zur Mühlen, Miriam Saleviç and Julia Lwowski. We want to turn this custom into a new one: to invite “one year” each of the Masters in Music Theatre Directing to develop, rehearse and perform their own short pieces under practical conditions. This is a contribution to a well-founded education that combines theory and practice in a meaningful way and which is so necessary in this city of many opera houses.


OpenSpace Armida
– Three directors
– Three stagings
– Three times Armida
World premiere: 24 February 2016

Combattimento x 2 after Claudio Monteverdi
World premiere: 24 March 2017

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