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A Live Talk

The Broadcast That Will Save Your Life
By Carlo Galiero and Michela Lucenti. Music: Mauro Montalbetti
World premiere on May 17, 2018.
With additional performances through July 1, 2018

The city is on fire. It has been for days. Weeks, maybe months. In an abandoned radio studio, a charismatic entertainer and his friends are working on an extraordinary project, regardless of the danger. After all, Nero’s good mood show offers his audience exactly what they need the most in these chaotic days: a good feeling. And Nero can do that like nobody else. Even if his relationship with his girlfriend Sara falls apart and his friend and cameraman abandons him. At the end of the day, Nero is certain: art is needed in difficult times, come what may. Or, to put it another way: well, the show must go on!

After the trilogy Brennero Crash, Pizzeria Anarchia, La BETTLEROPERa, we are presenting a new form of Italian-German collaboration. This time, Michela Lucenti/Balletto civile and team are creating a hilarious and grotesque parable which was written by Carlo Galiero (text) and Mauro Montalbetti (music) and which was commissioned by Neuköllner Oper. The Neapolitan Carlo Galiero is one of the most talented members of the new generation of Italian writers and works for Teatro Due Parma and Balleto Civile. Mauro Montalbetti composes orchestral music, opera, chamber music and more and has been commissioned by numerous notable festivals and opera houses, including theaters in Brescia and Klagenfurt, the Scala in Mila and the RomaEuropea Festival in Rome. With Christopher Ciraulo (Macheath in La BETTLEROPERa) and Denis Fischer (Ocaña), two performers from previous productions return to the stage and cellist Tabea Schrenk will be making her debut at Neuköllner Oper.

Stage direction/Choreography: Michela Lucenti/Maurizio Camilli | Music: Mauro Montalbetti | Text: Carlo Galiero | Stage Design/Costumes: Rebekka Dornhege-Reyes | Video: Roman Rehor | Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin
Featuring: Christopher Crsto Ciraulo, Denis Fischer, Tabea Schrenk

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