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Hinter der Bühne



What to do if we are not allowed to play until the end of July for security reasons?
Ok, then we think pragmatically: if that’s the case, we’ll make the best of it and try what “instead” can be done – maybe with fun and profit for everyone.
Above all, we want to get back the space for experience and discussion, which is currently almost exclusively dominated by the Corona theme. There are topics that are just as important and on which we took a stand before the pandemic. For example our “infotainment” OPERA FOR SALE.
With Felix Krakau and the team we discuss the possibilities of transforming the theater production into a cinematic course with a very subjective camera and various “bonus tracks” …
More on this from 18 May. Then there will also be news about our comPOSITION competition and the activities of the Young Ensemble of the Neuköllner Opera.

The keyhole series
Would you like to use the time – during our preparatory work on the above-mentioned projects – to also and personally get to know the members of the Neuköllner Opera House, who are mainly active backstage and whose arts are not otherwise illuminated by a spotlight? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!




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