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Opera for Sale

A real estate infotainment by Felix Krakau and Yuval Halpern
World Premiere on 12 March 2020

Berlin in the not too distant future: The city has lost the battle against international investors, has been upgraded, redesigned and is suddenly deserted. The facades were made chic and the inhabitants were driven away; the buildings stare from empty retort eyes. Your former apartment is an investment depot, your sofa was speculated off under your ass. You’ve been pushed to the edge of town and at some point you couldn’t afford it either. The Neuköllner Oper has also become a share deal: In the centre of the hurricane, the new owner of the house, Angel Dust Property GmbH Opera Neukölln, invites to an exclusive music theatre event for a widely travelled audience: Authentic Berlin music theatre, just in good old times.
We wonder who actually owns the city and set off on the trail of billionaires from the British Virgin Islands, Cypriot shell companies, the big money and the promise of happiness of the ideal city. OPERA FOR SALE is dystopian-cheerful music theater, real estate Infotainment and weird farce about the Berlin housing market and his recapture. Get your tickets now – as long as there are any left!
The play by Felix Krakau (who is associated with the Neuköllner Oper through his many years of authorship for the Junge Ensemble) was written, among other things, on the basis of the research “Who owns Berlin”* by the research centre CORRECTIV and the TAGESSPIEGEL. It is the second production within REBOOT BERLIN. Get your space back!


Director: Felix Krakow | Musical Director: Yuval Halpern | Stage: Ansgar Prüwer | Costume Design: Jenny Theisen | Dramaturgy: Carola Söllner / Bernhard Glocksin
With: Kilian Ponert, Teresa Scherhag, Lou Strenger as well as Omri Abramov (Reeds) and Doron Segal (Synthesizer)

* Presentation on 27.03.2020 following the performance

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