Reboot Berlin

Get your space back. Additional Events after the shows

Once, Berlin offered open spaces and possibilities for a self-determined life like no other metropolis. That´s over. Over and done with. In addition to the two productions Betterplazes and Opera for sale, we invite you to a trail of ideas and encounters – impulses to (at least partially) take back our city.

How does resistance work?
20 February 2020 aftershow
Why do activists do what (almost) everyone only talks about? What leads from thought to action? The first extra after Betterplazes is about what helps and inhibits us from becoming active. With Yann Leretaille, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Good Technology Collective, and Professor Malek Bajbouj, Head of the Center for Affective Neuroscience Berlin Charité, on brain structures, emotions and (digital) manipulation. Moderation: Anna Loll, investigative journalist (for Zeit, The Guardian, among others), author (of the play Betterplazes, among others) and curator of this series.

Anger and longing
Is graffiti vandalism? Or political art? Certainly one thing: resistance to a clean, smooth city. After the performance of Betterplazes“, Frank Rieger, Chaos Computer Club, and Jonathan Meyer, performance artist and “graffiteur”, discuss anger and longing in a digitized, monitored and standardized world. Moderation: Anna Loll. 26 February 2020 aftershow

Who owns Berlin?
27 March 2020 aftershow CANCELLED
Rising rents and horrendous purchase prices. The situation on the Berlin housing market is currently the determining issue in the growing capital. “Who owns Berlin” is a large-scale research project by the Correctiv research centre and the Tagesspiegel together with citizens for more transparency of ownership structures in the real estate market. Justus von Daniels (Correctiv) and Hendrik Lehmann (Der Tagesspiegel) report on the development and current status of the interactive project, which was launched in 2018.

Transcyberian x NKO
18. April 2020 from 5 p.m. CANCELLED
Transcyberian & Artists & Science – the series of international club- and queer-friendly events with crypto and activism workshops, lectures and DJs comes to the Neuköllner Oper.

Berlin Mix 2035
The much-praised “Berlin mix”, the dense coexistence of people from different cultures and social classes, of housing and commerce within an urban block, is acutely threatened: a booming real estate market is apparently driving the segregation of the city (painting) inexorably. Experts and actors from politics, research and society are looking for ideas for a liveable Berlin of tomorrow.
Moderation: Lorenz Maroldt (Der Tagesspiegel) and Justus von Daniels (Correctiv Research Centre) 5 May 2020, 8 pm

Heimat Berlin? Discourses from a (post-) migrant perspective Dates tba