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For 3 months it was quiet in the hall of the Neuköllner Opera House. Now it’s called:
Windows open, fresh air in, music theater out: As never before we are looking forward to the new season in August 2020. And what could be better than to do this together with you, our esteemed audience? Every Friday at 7:19 pm, we invite you to the inner courtyard of the Passage for a joint warm-up: with music theatre snippets of the finest and a sneak peak into the coming season!

June 12th:
LOST with Olivia Stahn and Insa Bernds
IRON CURTAIN MAN with Frédéric Brossier and Sophia Euskirchen

June 19th:
48h Neukölln Special
with the ensembles of LOST and IRON CURTAIN MAN

June 26th:
DIE FLEISCH with Yuri Mizobuchi
HOW TO CONTROL YOUR ANGER IN TEN EASY STEPS with the Young Ensemble of the Neuköllner Oper

July 3rd:
GIOVANNI with Hrund Osk Arnadottir (Gesang), Daniel Arnaldos (Gesang & Gitarre), Anne-Sophie Bereuter (Violine), Franz Berlin (Violine), Paul Lapp (Kontrabass), Julia Bilat (Violoncello), Alistair Duncan (Posaune)

More dates for July coming soon!

Please follow the latest hygiene and distance policies.


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