In den Köpfen

(In the Mind)

We do not know how much human and economic hardship the crisis will bring to each of us.
But we can now increase our knowledge about what the standstill brings with it in terms of positive, of opportunities. Because we already behave differently with each other, nature is regenerating, and a life after (or with?) Corona could be different, maybe even better …
We want to use this time to think new things and sense alternatives. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we invite you to read, think and discuss with contributions, opinions and visions. And we would be delighted if you share your thoughts with us: about what we as individuals and society are changing and what we as theatre people could do differently in and with the Neuköllner Opera.

Do we now need plays on our stage to deal with the pandemic? Should experiences from the crisis be incorporated into our plays? And if so, how? Write us your views, so that instead of our theatre space we share this digital thinking space with each other!
“Every deep crisis leaves behind a story, a narrative that points far into the future. One of the strongest visions left behind by the corona virus are the Italians playing music on the balconies. The second vision is sent to us by satellite images that suddenly show the industrial areas of China and Italy free of smog. In 2020, the CO2 emissions of mankind will fall for the first time. This fact will do something to us.
If the virus can do that – can we possibly do that? Maybe the virus was just a messenger from the future. Its drastic message is: human civilization has become too dense, too fast, too overheated. It’s racing too fast in a direction where there is no future. But it can reinvent itself.” (Matthias Horx)