Tick Tack – Time’s up

In only 6 years we will have missed the climate target of 1.5°C global warming… But no reason to bury our heads in the already demonstrably rising sea level – we can still act, and we can act NOW: If you would like to test for yourself how much CO2 is produced in private households and what can be saved, you can find the CO2 quick check of the Federal Environment Agency here. Who wants to test still further, finds more information with the BUND.

And if you want to start saving the world yourself today, you can start right away with measures that cannot be repeated often enough:
– Vegetable, regional, seasonal nutrition
– Cycling instead of driving
– Fewer flights

And because we don’t want to just talk smart, we have started to draw up our first internal climate balance sheet and to check all production processes for their sustainability. We are looking forward to the results – more soon here.