How does Resistance work?

Why do activists do what (almost) everybody is talking about?  What leads from thought to action? The first extra following Betterplazes is about what helps and hinders us to become active.
With Yann Leretaille (Good Technology Collective) and Professor Malek Bajbouj (Center for Affective Neuroscience Berlin Charité), on brain structures, emotions and (digital) manipulation.

Moderator: Anna Loll, investigative journalist (e.g. for Die Zeit, The Guardian), author (e.g. of the play Betterplazes) and curator of this series.

Free admission | Following the performance

Malek Bajbouj is a university professor and director of the Center for Affective Neuroscience at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. He is particularly interested in emotions, emotional memory and emotional competencies in the human brain and how these representations can be influenced for therapeutic purposes.

Yann Leretaille is a French-German technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the Good Technology Collective. An expert in IT security and cryptography, Leretaille’s research interests include artificial intelligence and how companies psychologically manipulate Internet users.

Anna Loll is an author and investigative journalist.