Anger and Longing

Is graffiti vandalism? Or political art? Certainly one thing: resistance against a cleanly cleaned, smooth city. Following Betterplazes, Frank Rieger, Chaos Computer Club, and Jonathan Meyer, performance artist and “graffiti artist”, discuss anger and longing in a digitalized, monitored and standardized world.

Moderation: Anna Loll

Free admission | After the performance

Frank Rieger is a hacker, author, Internet activist and spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Since the 1990s, the IT security expert has founded startup companies in the areas of data security and e-reading, among others, and works as managing director for a communications security company. Rieger is one of the initiators of the Charter of Fundamental Digital Rights of the European Union and participated as an expert in the NSA investigation committee, among other things.

Jonathan Meyer is a graffiti artist and performance artist.

Anna Loll is an author and investigative journalist.