Our Openings

Music theatre for adults after Humperdinck’s Hänsel and Gretel

“It is a – I am careful with the word – stroke of genius to combine the story of the “Wolf Children” with Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel opera. Seven splendid young women sing and play (violin, viola, cello, various wind instruments) on this evening… It begins so disturbingly, in absolute darkness, with the Humperdinck Overture, played by a shellac record. The music is soon overlaid by the sound of bombs, crashing buildings, until suddenly a violin lifts quietly, a second one under a table starts a dialogue, until other instruments are added and the story of the lonely couple is told wonderfully plausibly by “seven sisters”. One understands, one feels what connects the two children in the fairy tale with the wolf children.” (Peter Raue, BZ) Again from January 16, 2020

REBOOT BERLIN! Get your space back
Berlin was once the city where there were free (play) spaces like in no other metropolis. Berlin, Berlin, there is nothing in between. What has become of this city in which virtual and real spaces (urban and living space) are increasingly restricted, repressed and monitored? How do we bring back what made up the quality of life in Berlin? In 2020 the studio of the Neuköllner Opera House will be transformed into a meeting place for visions, ideas and best-practice examples for a change to a more liveable city: with two world premieres, encounters, discussions, workshops and a new “Transcyberian Party”. To start in mid-February: World premiere of the three-woman play BETTERPLACES, which is about the fight against the Google concern. In March, OPERA FOR SALE will follow, the de-leasing opera, in cooperation with the research collective CORRECTIV. Further plays will follow in autumn.

The ultimate expropriation opera
by Felix Krakow (text) and Yuval Halpern (music)

Berlin in the not too distant future: the city has lost the battle against international investors, has been upgraded. The Neuköllner Opera House has also become a share deal: the new owner of the building invites you to an exclusive music theatre event: authentic Berlin music theatre as it used to be… World premiere March 12, 2020


A show for Dean Reed, the Red Elvis. By Fabian Gerhardt, Lars Werner (text) and Claas Krause/Christopher Verworrner (music)
(working title)

What happened: a cowboy lands in Berlin, capital of the GDR, and rides lasso-swinging through “Ein Kessel Buntes”? We look behind the Iron Curtain, follow the path of the man who set out in Denver, Colorado to rock the Eastern Bloc and build a new show staircase for the legendary and almost forgotten singer, actor, stuntman and director. World premiere April 2, 2020.


comPOSITION. The prize-winning pieces of the Berlin Opera Prize 2020

The teams around the composers Samuel Penderbayne (Munich) and Andys Skordys (Nicosia/Amsterdam) convinced the jury of the newly established Berlin Opera Prize 2020 with their concepts. Over the next few months they will each develop a 30-minute music theatre work based on a short story by Ferdinand von Schirach. World premiere  May 13, 2020


Music theatre of the Young Ensemble of the Neukölln Opera by Yuval Halpern (music), Felix Krakow (text), Bjørn de Wildt (direction)

A musical tutorial for all those who are really fed up. The general wind becomes rougher and the sound sharper, the nerves lie bare. No easy time for those who are easily heated. But nobody is alone, don’t worry: Together we’ll get it under control! World premiere May 23, 2020


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – STEGREIF.orchester – Juri de Marco – Ulrike Schwab

Don Giovanni – a timeless myth? In search of answers we go back to the origin of the legend. To Seville. At his grave we gather and with the memory of him his stories come to life again. This is how an exuberant popular festival develops, between funeral celebrations, carnival frenzy and procession. In GIOVANNI. Eine Passion, STEGREIF.orchester and the Neuköllner Oper play together for the first time and develop a “liberated” musical theatre with the “opera of all operas”, free of conductors and sheet music, a mobile production in which singers and instrumentalists “merge” and Mozart meets improvisation, electro and traditional Spanish music. Again from June 9, 2020



View through the keyhole: a selection of projects on which we are working with composers / writers / directors – the titles of these productions are therefore all still preliminary

Resumption The Flesh. Four rituals with the opera Ayamé by Kosaku Yamada. From July 30, 2020

Resuming Casting Clara. A wreath of flowers for Clara Schumann. From August 28, 2020

World premiere of Schöner Wohnen. A storeroom play by Amy Stebbins and Sir Henry. From September 10, 2020

World premiere White Nights in Neukölln. A love story in music. From October 17, 2020

World premiere of The Man Who Called Himself Beethoven. Beethoven’s ultimate commentary on the 250th anniversary of the death of Moritz Rincke/Mathias Schönsee with the extraordinary Beethoven sounds of the transcultural Trickster Orchestra. From December 3, 2020