Our Openings



A study in loneliness by Ulrike Schwab and Juliane Stadelmann with music from Paul Lincke‘s Frau Luna, newly arranged by Mischa Cvijovic

Mr. K. died. Nobody noticed. For weeks he was lying dead in his apartment. No one noticed, no one who would have missed him. Until the stench of the and decay through the corridors.
World premiere on May 9, 2019.


A musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund

Günni’s clique is really cool. At least Günni thinks so. Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot that’s cool in the small city in the middle of Germany where so many people are out of work and most of the parents sit apathetically in front of the television. Then Fred shows up. Fred is different: he has ideas and a brain in his head. Fred makes everything more fun. Fred soon becomes Günni’s right-hand man in the clique. Hagen is seeing red. Hagen had always been Günni’s right-hand man. And if anyone has the right to flirt with Günni’s sister Jenny, then it is definitely him! To sum things up: Fred has seriously offended Hagen´s honor. Honor is an important word in Drachenherz, the new musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund. What you do, how you fight and, most of all, for whom – these are the biggest questions that every young person poses to society, whose answers generally come across as lacking. It wasn‚t any different for the Nibelung. There, everyone knew what they were fighting for. In the worst case, for themselves. Siegfried had to die because there was no room for true heroes back then. Is there room for them today? Or do the good people still have to die because the cruel simply cannot bear being so small of spirit? World premiere on June 13, 2019.


Casting Clara
A flower wreath for Clara Schumann
Music theatre by Cordula Däuper and Johannes Müller with arrangements by Tobias Schwencke

Wunderkind, piano virtuoso, composer, wife of Robert Schumann, courted by Johannes Brahms, mother of eight children, professor and working almost until her death at the age of 76 – Clara Schumann. Who was this power woman of the 19th century? And where do we stand today, in times of work-life balance? Clara manages an unprecedented career as a pianist, a complicated marriage as an artist and a large family. She works tirelessly for the spread and fame of her husband, whose changeable psychological and physical constitution is legendary. Clara Schumann’s 200th birthday is the occasion for us to meet this female icon of music history. Together with seven actresses, it is about her life and work and how much Clara is in today’s multi-tasking mothers (and fathers). How can a career and a challenging family and love life be reconciled? How did it live at a time when women’s emancipation and autonomy were answered quite differently from today, and what has really changed since then? Seven Claras and five instrumentalists* weave a theatrical wreath of flowers from compositions by Clara, Robert’s “Dichterliebe”, documents from then and now, diary entries and letters. World premiere 15 August 2019


W. A. Mozart – Stegreif Orchestra – Juri de Marco – Ulrike Schwab

Everyone knows him and his myth. At his grave we gather, with the memory his stories come to life, with them the mourning community between funeral service, carnival procession and procession. For Giovanni, STEGREIF.orchester and Neuköllner Oper are playing together for the first time, developing and presenting a radically “liberated” musical theatre, free of conductors and sheet music, a mobile production in which singers and instrumentalists “merge” and Mozart meets jazz, soul and improvisation. First performance October 10, 2019.


A musical by Wolfgang Böhmer and Peter Lund. Again from November 20, 2019


Viktor Ullmann‘s Cornet Rilke, in a new version by Malte Giesen and Fabian Gerhardt

Why are people excited to die? In the west, people are horrified and paralyzed by those who carry themselves and others into death. But this has also taken place here, in our home, and not that recently. A little before 1914 and everything that come after that. And so an anchor of literature and music of the 20th century becomes eerily contemporary – the melodrama Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke (The Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke), adapted by Viktor Ullmann from Rilke’s poem. World. Again from December 9, 2019.


View through the keyhole: a selection of projects on which we are working with composers / writers / directors – the titles of these productions are therefore all still preliminary

Resumption of Wolf children
World premiere of Better places. From the expulsion of the Google group from Xberg
World premiere of Greetings to Erich. An evening about Dean Reed
World premiere of comPOSITION. The award-winning pieces of the Berlin Opera Prize 2020
Resumption of Giovanni
World premiere of Mexiko#Berlin / Malinche´s awakening. An international exploration in and for the Humboldt Forum.
World premiere of White Nights in Neukölln. A love story in music and much more.




A piece of music theater by John von Düffel, Fabian Gerhardt and Christopher Verworner/Claas Krause adapted from the book of the same name by Eric Stehfest and Michael J. Stephan | with English surtitles

He had a relationship with her for many years following the first failed young love. Having grown up at the gates of Dresden, Eric Stehfest first came into contact with the party drug crystal meth at the age of 14 in Neustadt. He great-grandfather took amphetamines as a bomber pilot in the Second World War to overcome the fear of killing and being killed. In terms of basic element, this is “the same stuff” that Eric consumes in order to feel invincible, party for days, to put it short: “to fly“. The drug puts Eric’s life to the test: dealers, traffic offences, theft, a suspended prison sentence and the separation from his great love, Anja, who aborts their child.  World premiere on April 11, 2019.


Four rituals using the opera Ayamé by Kosaku Yamada

The opera tells the story of the young Ayamé who attempts to settle the debts of her family by entering into forced prostitution. Her lover tries everything to free her from this awful situation. The story is told from the perspective of a so-called “wise person”. Yamada’s opera combines the rich inheritance of the late Romantic period with some of the sounds of Japanese music. World premiere on February 23, 2019.


A new music theater piece by Wolfgang Böhmer and Martin G. Berger
Inspired by Eine Mordgeschichte by Tankred Dorst in cooperation with Ursula Ehler

The whole city is only talking about Elfie. Everything that she presumes to do! After all, she’s a mother and the wife of the irreproachable high school teacher Mr. Steinheuer. Everything is too small for Elfie, the city, these people, her own life. With her provocations, she poses – and still today, many years after the text was written – the question: how much free will, how much freedom can we actually take as individuals and as a society?
We have Tankred Dorst to thank for Elfie, an author who marked the German theater landscape for decades like only a few others. Tankred passed away last summer; he was a friend of ours and a loyal visitor of our productions for many years. World premiere on January 31, 2019.


An homage by Marc Rosich and Marc Sambola

Barcelona, you gorgeous and rebellious city, what has happened to you and your stars? At a conference for urban history in Berlin, a speaker remembers the “wild” years in the 1970s, when Spain dared to free itself from the rigidity of Franco’s dictatorship and the counterculture with its illustrious star Ocaña, the artist, rebel and drag queen. Upon the invitation of Neuköllner Oper, the prize-winning Catalonia writer and director Marc Rosich and his team carry us off for an evening into the world and times of a rebel who numbers amongst the greatest pioneers of a self-determined, queer movement in Europe. Again from December 12, 2018.


A tragic opera in one act by Ernst Krenek (1926)

A few years before the Nazis seized power in Germany, Krenek wrote a fantasy about a dictator whom no one could really stand up to. Krenek wrote this “bloody story of murder from the private life of a contemporary dictator” in order to warn his contemporaries of the growing fascism in Europe and its populist effects. 92 years later, the young director Ariane Kareev questions the contemporary contexts of manipulation and seduction in politics and in private life in her thesis production. Premiere on November 7, 2018.


A musical by Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Peter Lund

Hamburg hosting the world – and it could have been so lovely, if it wasn’t for the G20 summit. This highly explosive event has catapulted Germany’s second largest city into the visor of politics, and when it’s about inducing maximal rage and minimal dialogue, these politicians really know what they’re doing…Again from November 22, 2018.


STELLA. The Blond Ghost of Kurfürstendamm
by Wolfgang Boehmer (Music) and Peter Lund (book) | With English subtitles

They also existed here, the “ Greifer ”, or “catchers” – Jews in Berlin who worked for the Gestapo or who were forced to do so. One of them was Stella Goldschlag, made spectacular by her appearance, beauty and court case. Peter Lund, Carola Cohn-Friedlaender and Wolfgang Böhmer have written a „German Songplay“ about STELLA which was awarded as best German musical 2016. Again from October 4, 2018.


Viktor Ullmann‘s Cornet Rilke, in a new version by Malte Giesen and Fabian Gerhardt

Why are people excited to die? In the west, people are horrified and paralyzed by those who carry themselves and others into death. But this has also taken place here, in our home, and not that recently. A little before 1914 and everything that come after that. And so an anchor of literature and music of the 20th century becomes eerily contemporary – the melodrama Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke (The Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke), adapted by Viktor Ullmann from Rilke’s poem. World Premiere on September 14, 2018.


Musical theater for adults after Humperdinck’s “Hänsel and Gretel

They don’t know the way. Their parents are gone and their home lies in shambles. “Home” only exists within their memories. Left behind are the fairy tales and songs illuminating the past and dispensing a sense of comfort. They came to a fine little gingerbread house. And just for a moment, the fear and hopelessness are forgotten – and that the small house isn’t theirs. It was so dark and so bitterly cold.
An evening of musical theater combines Humperdinck’s opera “Hänsel and Gretel” with stories of the homeless and orphaned children roaming the woods of East Prussia and Lithuania after World War II – escaping hunger, seeking identity – and finding a new home only after many decades. Again from August 30, 2018.


The Broadcast That Will Save Your Life

The city is on fire. It has been for days. Weeks, maybe months. In an abandoned radio studio, a charismatic entertainer and his friends are working on an extraordinary project, regardless of the danger. After all, Nero’s good mood show offers his audience exactly what they need the most in these chaotic days: a good feeling. And Nero can do that like nobody else. Even if his relationship with his girlfriend Sara falls apart and his friend and cameraman abandons him. At the end of the day, Nero is certain: art is needed in difficult times, come what may. Or, to put it another way: well, the show must go on! World premiere on May 17, 2018.


Two Award-Winning Works from the 2018 Berlin Opera Prize

400 years of music theater in Europe – what a legacy! But: who would like to receive something and who would prefer not to during the reading of the will? The team working with Tom Smith and Caitlin van der Maas take the myth of Ariadne as their topic – Ariadne is the protagonist of one of the first operas in the history of music. Three women are stranded on an island, abandoned by their men…three perspectives, languages, time periods and musical idioms mix, complement each other and form a new Lamento di Arianna.  Thierry Tidrow Zsófia Geréb as well as Franziska vom Heede use Prothesen der Autonomie – eine Sci-Fi Oper (Prosthese of Automony – a Sci-Fi Opera) to offer a futuristic/comedic view of the year 2180 and of the “complaint and waiting periods of the union for the prevention of emotionally stressful work”. After all, the good, old opera with its suffering heroines is not acceptable for a modern singer. As a result, a robot performs the role. But the robot has its own opinion and quirks as well…World Premiere May 23, 2018.


Music theater created by the Neuköllner Oper Young Ensemble by Yuval Halpern (music), Felix Krakau (text) and Björn de Wildt (direction)

Orpheus and Eurydice in their best clothes, in the best light, all dressed and ready to go: Orpheus Optimal is all set for its premiere. But then everything gets out of hand – performers quit, our Orpheus sings badly and is standing in the wrong set design on top of everything else. How much can one fail and why does nothing ever work out? An evening of failures large and small, setbacks and of dealing with grief – we follow Orpheus into the realm of the dead and save what can be saved. World premiere on June 14, 2018.


A trip with songs by »Stadtaffe«
Libretto by: John von Düffel/Fabian Gerhardt in a version by Fabian Gerhardt with English surtitles

Black to blue, that is the dawn over Berlin in the already legendary lines of text by Peter Fox about the way back home through grubby streets after a night of excessive partying. For F., the hero of the piece, the blue of the day beginning turns back into black. He passes out – and wakes up surrounded by the whiteness of a clinic…
“Beastly good!” (Der Tagesspiegel). Again from June 9, 2018.