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The Broadcast That Will Save Your Life

The city is on fire. It has been for days. Weeks, maybe months. In an abandoned radio studio, a charismatic entertainer and his friends are working on an extraordinary project, regardless of the danger. After all, Nero’s good mood show offers his audience exactly what they need the most in these chaotic days: a good feeling. And Nero can do that like nobody else. Even if his relationship with his girlfriend Sara falls apart and his friend and cameraman abandons him. At the end of the day, Nero is certain: art is needed in difficult times, come what may. Or, to put it another way: well, the show must go on! World premiere on May 17, 2018


Take It Or Leave It!
Two Award-Winning Works from the 2018 Berlin Opera Prize

400 years of music theater in Europe – what a legacy! But: who would like to receive something and who would prefer not to during the reading of the will? The team working with Tom Smith and Caitlin van der Maas take the myth of Ariadne as their topic – Ariadne is the protagonist of one of the first operas in the history of music. Three women are stranded on an island, abandoned by their men…three perspectives, languages, time periods and musical idioms mix, complement each other and form a new Lamento di Arianna.  Thierry Tidrow Zsófia Geréb as well as Franziska vom Heede use Prothesen der Autonomie – eine Sci-Fi Oper (Prosthese of Automony – a Sci-Fi Opera) to offer a futuristic/comedic view of the year 2180 and of the “complaint and waiting periods of the union for the prevention of emotionally stressful work”. After all, the good, old opera with its suffering heroines is not acceptable for a modern singer. As a result, a robot performs the role. But the robot has its own opinion and quirks as well…World Premiere May 23, 2018


Music theater created by the Neuköllner Oper Young Ensemble by Yuval Halpern (music), Felix Krakau (text) and Björn de Wildt (direction)

Orpheus and Eurydice in their best clothes, in the best light, all dressed and ready to go: Orpheus Optimal is all set for its premiere. But then everything gets out of hand – performers quit, our Orpheus sings badly and is standing in the wrong set design on top of everything else. How much can one fail and why does nothing ever work out? An evening of failures large and small, setbacks and of dealing with grief – we follow Orpheus into the realm of the dead and save what can be saved. World premiere on June 14, 2018


A trip with songs by »Stadtaffe«
Libretto by: John von Düffel/Fabian Gerhardt in a version by Fabian Gerhardt with English surtitles

Black to blue, that is the dawn over Berlin in the already legendary lines of text by Peter Fox about the way back home through grubby streets after a night of excessive partying. For F., the hero of the piece, the blue of the day beginning turns back into black. He passes out – and wakes up surrounded by the whiteness of a clinic…
“Beastly good!” (Der Tagesspiegel). Again from June 9, 2018


Musical theater for adults after Humperdinck’s “Hänsel and Gretel”

They don’t know the way. Their parents are gone and their home lies in shambles. “Home” only exists within their memories. Left behind are the fairy tales and songs illuminating the past and dispensing a sense of comfort. They came to a fine little gingerbread house. And just for a moment, the fear and hopelessness are forgotten – and that the small house isn’t theirs. It was so dark and so bitterly cold.
An evening of musical theater combines Humperdinck’s opera “Hänsel and Gretel” with stories of the homeless and orphaned children roaming the woods of East Prussia and Lithuania after World War II – escaping hunger, seeking identity – and finding a new home only after many decades. World Premiere. Again from August 30, 2018


a musical by Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Peter Lund

Hamburg hosting the world – and it could have been so lovely, if it wasn’t for the G20 summit. This highly explosive event has catapulted Germany’s second largest city into the visor of politics, and when it’s about inducing maximal rage and minimal dialogue, these politicians really know what they’re doing…Again from November 22, 2018



a musical by Peter Michael von der Nahmer and Peter Lund

Hamburg hosting the world – and it could have been so lovely, if it wasn’t for the G20 summit. This highly explosive event has catapulted Germany’s second largest city into the visor of politics, and when it’s about inducing maximal rage and minimal dialogue, these politicians really know what they’re doing.
Twelve people and a week of street fights: from the grocery store clerk to the graduate student, the all-too-empathetic protester to the traumatized state employee – they all get their share of shattered glass and shattered illusions. World premiere on March 15, 2018


OCAÑA, KÖNIGIN DER RAMBLAS (Queen of the Ramblas)
An homage by Marc Rosich and Marc Sambola

Barcelona, you gorgeous and rebellious city, what has happened to you and your stars? At a conference for urban history in Berlin, a speaker remembers the “wild” years in the 1970s, when Spain dared to free itself from the rigidity of Franco’s dictatorship and the counterculture with its illustrious star Ocaña, the artist, rebel and drag queen. Upon the invitation of Neuköllner Oper, the prize-winning Catalonia writer and director Marc Rosich and his team carry us off for an evening into the world and times of a rebel who numbers amongst the greatest pioneers of a self-determined, queer movement in Europe. World premiere February 15, 2018


Musical theater for adults after Humperdinck’s “Hänsel and Gretel”

World Premiere. From January 25, 2018


A BigCityComic after John Gay’s “The Beggar’s Opera”
Music /Lyrics: Moritz Eggert.
By Balletto Civile (IT), the Neuköllner Oper and Freiraum Syndikat

John Gay’s masterpiece of ironic, time-critical musical theatre is newly outfitted with language and sounds. Ten German and Italian performers and musicians of Freiraum Syndicats meet in a physically dynamic and emotionally poetic rendition. They narrate, sing, and above all “move” their perspective on a story so timelessly capturing the up and down, love and betrayal, money and desire. A new collaboration of Neuköllner Oper with an internationally renowned dance theatre company continually defying genre and limitations, Balletto civile, as well as with composer Moritz Eggert („Bordellballade“). World premiere October 19, 2017


MusikTheatre by Anna Loll, G. F. Händel, Mario Simon, Bijan Azadian and Christian Römer

Welcome to the age of self-empowerment. Just switch on your computer and twitter, post, troll, and hate away. Boss is base. Self-entitlement worldwide: that has been the credo of the virtual space riders of the artichoke cult since day one. Their enemies are evil dictators and inhuman regimes; their friends are the artichoke community and supporters. Their motto: make the internet great again. But what happens if the artichokes start attacking one another? If their compass is no longer calibrated? To make a pile of ashes from a forest, it only takes only a cigarette. To make the internet burn it takes only a tweet. No matter if fake, if fact, or fiction? Irrelevant, out in the open it goes! Hugh, I spoke. I don’t require counter arguments. I am already a democrat. Fuck the facts, you’re not my dad! May the enemy scorch in the purgatory of my projections. Burn, baby, burn! As an artist collective we contemplate the value of facts within our society. Our fictional narrative is (also) set in the middle of Berlin. Informed by a true incident of messianic hope for salvation and tribal justice inside the global village. We ask: who speaks out there for the privatized court of the internet. Who are the self-proclaimed cyber sheriffs? And why have they brought a giant wooden horse? World premiere on September 13, 2017


STELLA. The Blond Ghost of Kurfürstendamm
by Wolfgang Boehmer (Music) and Peter Lund (book)

They also existed here, the “ Greifer ”, or “catchers” – Jews in Berlin who worked for the Gestapo or who were forced to do so. One of them was Stella Goldschlag, made spectacular by her appearance, beauty and court case. Peter Lund, Carola Cohn-Friedlaender and Wolfgang Böhmer have written a „German Songplay“ about STELLA which was awarded as best German musical 2016. Again from August 31, 2017


DER SCHUSS 2-6-1967 (The Gunshot)
Musical theatre by Arash Safaian (Music) and Bernhard Glocksin (Book)
Neuköllner Oper Berlin and Ensemble Adapter

June 2, 1967. An evening in Berlin. The city in uproar. A couple amidst the turmoil. He’s carrying a banner under his arm, she’s carrying a child in her belly. He wants to stay just a little while longer. She goes home and waits for her husband all night. But while Christa Ohnesorg is waiting, her home becomes the kaleidoscope of an entire era. Stars and the avarage citizens from the limbo of Zeitgeist and shed surreal light on her fate and the future of the whole country. The gunshot killing Benno Ohneborg that night changes everything. It is the initial spark for a protesting, radicalising, and divisive movement seizing all of West Germany. Some begin with a “the long march through the institutions,” others create the Red Army Faction. This gunshot permeates thousands of heads. World Premiere on June 2, 2017


An inclusive ritual with the Project Wildeman
World premiere May 3, until July 2, 2017


Can theatre be more than watching, than feeling moved or enraged? What if it once again became a ritual, a festivity, an encounter. A space for experience, without plot and players? A space in which artists and audiences can hear, feel, receive, and engage with another. Where they can perceive sound, rhythm, and their very own heartbeat, their own true self in general. Isn’t our every day life predominantly defined by our relationships with others – colleagues, partners, friends, family? Individualism and community, the ever-relevant riddle: a game, an experience, a truly different night at the theatre.
Just after Walpurgis Night we open this unique space for those who hunger for life and are open to adventures. Here, every one can decide for themselves just how inactive they wish to remain, to become a central element of the events or to observe from the side line. World Premiere May 3, 2017


A musical film project. Or a filmic musical. By Peter Lund and Thomas Zaufke

Lennard is 18 and can’t make up his mind. But, at least he’s done one thing: he’s moved into a shared apartment together with the totally chill Ben and the totally crazy Fine. But Lennard already has more than enough roommates. At least inside his own head. Boris, the macho heterosexual, his feminine side Helena, sensible Sophia, Lennard’s inner child, Theo, super cool Tess and, of course, Jürgen, the personification of all of Lennard’s fears. And all of them constantly share their opinion with Lennard, completely uninvited. It’s no wonder that Lennard needs so much time to make up his mind. Especially when it comes to the question of who Lennard could fall in love, the movie in his head goes full screen! And neither Fine nor Ben could have known exactly who they decided to share an apartment with. And most of all, how many people he already had living in his head! World Premiere on April 13,  , 2nd run from November 29, 2017


A Japanese national opera adapted from the work of Kosaku Yamada

Okichi is supposed to save everything: the modern government, the old empire and, most of all, the entire country of Japan. Unfortunately, this girl neither wants to grant the government’s wish and serve as a geisha to the U.S. consul nor interest in dealing with the gaijin with a swift stab to the back, as Yoshida, a samurai loyal to the empire demands. What to do? The situation is tense, the United States is threatening a military attack if the Shogun’s government does not agree to open up the Japanese market. The old group loyal to the Emperor, however, forbid all contact with foreigners under the penalty of death: in their minds, this is the only way to ensure the integrity of the culture and the nation. Okichi refuses to serve, at first. But then, we are talking about an opera here, love enters the picture. European First Performance February 18 and again from November 07, 2017