“Berlin’s fourth opera house is unique” in the diverse cultural scene of the capital. Who else could look back on a productivity of 170 world premieres and debut performances in all genres in only 40 years?

For the NO, opera is more than the re-staging of a well-known and limited repertoire, to which a few new commissioned works are added every now and then. The NO shows: music theatre can, no, you have to put it on stage yourself to express relevant themes.


– a team of theatre makers connected with the house and continuously working there
– undogmatic musical theatre. As an author- and premiere-oriented venue, it produces musical theatre in all genres and also in between them: with an open, dynamic and creative musical concept, including and combining both educational and entertaining formats
plays that are thematically and organisationally developped both regionally and internationally
– plays for a broad audience beyond trendy niches
– up to 12 productions per year (mostly world premieres and debut performances) in around 250 performances: commissioned opera compositions, opera adaptations, musical world premieres, new genres, co-productions and/or student productions with universities as well as musical theatre for families and “little ones”.

Neuköllner Oper is a private theatre, supported by the so-called conceptual grant of the Berlin Senate. Individual projects may be supported by GASAG, the Cultural Fund for the Capital (Hauptstadtkulturfonds), the German Federal Cultural Foundation, and other supporters.

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