Season 2020/21

Aren’t we all guinea pigs in a big, unpredictable experiment called the Present? Who knows how long our first Corona season will last? When will we meet again without distance rules and how will new findings influence our theatre programme?

The 20/21 season is therefore the most dynamic and exciting season so far that we will be celebrating with you. The focus is on the struggle of the individual with his or her circumstances, told with a lot of energy, humour and poetry. Our premieres therefore focus on very special personalities under equally special (pressure) conditions and in special places: the “red Elvis” Dean Reed on GDR stages (IRON CURTAIN MAN), a concert singer in times of crisis (LOST – 1,5 Meter), DER MANN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANNTE, returned to a clearing in front of the Philharmonie, the free spirit and rule-breaker GIOVANNI in us today, three singers of the Neuköllner Opera, which is now completely gentrified and sold to Angel Dust Entertainment Inc. (OPERA FOR SALE), an old Berlin worker who has to share a rented flat with a young start-up hipster (SCHÖNER WOHNEN), a Mexican museum curator at the Humboldt Forum (MEXIKO AURA)… and much more, which we cannot yet determine due to the pandemic.

NEW: In addition to attending the performances, you can also visit us via two other portals or series of events: TANDEM and WUNDERKAMMER.

To intensive, moving and joyful moments in our house!

Overview of the season 2020/21

OPERA FOR SALE – The Webseries
by Felix Krakau (text) and Yuval Halpern (music)
Berlin in the not too distant future: The city has lost the battle against international investors, has been upgraded, redesigned and is suddenly deserted. And the Neuköllner became a share deal as well … The new owner of the real estate invites you to the exclusive music theatre event. Authentic music theatre from Berlin, just like back in the good old days.
Premiere of the Webseries on 29 July 2020.


A ritual with the opera Ayamé by Kōsaku Yamada
When we discovered the one-act Ayamé, the word pandemic was one of many in most people’s passive vocabulary. When Vincent Stefan and his team developed their concept for this wonderful opera trouvaille – never before performed in Europe – Corona was at best understood as a brand of beer. And when director Fabian Gerhardt began rehearsals in January 2019 and explored the idea of a ritualistic play by three young people locked in ice-cold isolation, no one could have guessed what experiences and feelings they would all bring to the opening of the season in summer 2020.
Our production from last year asked about the right of self-determination of life and body, about the possibilities of closeness, intimacy and freedom – now we play and experience this story, even more clearly set at a distance, under rituals that affect us all.
Revival. Premiere on 1 August 2020. Until 16 August 2020. 


A last show for Dean Reed, the Elvis of the GDR.
by Fabian Gerhardt, Lars Werner (text) und Claas Krause/Christopher Verworner (music)
What was going on there: a singing cowboy lands in the capital of the GDR and rides lasso-swinging through “Ein Kessel Buntes”? We take a look behind the iron curtain to follow the path of the man who left his home town Denver, Colorado to rock the Eastern bloc – we built a new stage for the legendary and almost forgotten singer, actor, stuntman and director.
world premiere on 3 September 2020.


What other spaces of experience can music and narration open up, beyond current theater forms? Could the mirrored cabinets of the historical cabinets of curiosities create a productive, sensual echo chamber that enables other perspectives on a complex world? The Chambers of Wonder around 1600 – pre-forms of today’s museums – placed their often bizarre exhibits of art, craftsmanship, nature and science in a holistic “world context” that is often missing today. Inspired by this, the Neuköllner Oper offers a new event format that brings together an inquisitive audience with experts* in music, science and art. With music as the central mediator, found objects, stories and experiments are brought together in a different light.
From September 2020


LOST (1,5 Meter)
by Cordula Däuper/Johannes Müller (text) and Tobias Schwencke (music)
The house concert starts with Schuberts “Abschied”, glasses are raised in the far distance (1.5m away), trying to get under control the nervous whipping of the tip of the foot in a fancy shoe. But discomfort grows with every bar, intensified by every romantic Seufzermotif. The lady next to that is behaving strangely – and isn’t she suspiciously coughing as well? In LOST, the team of Casting Clara dedicates itself to those apocalyptic scenarios, that have been shaping our future vision for years now. From recent and historical predictions, political and literary visions a claustrophobic house concert develops. Rooted in Franz Schuberts last great composition – the song cycle “Schwanengesang”, it cross connects with Richard Wagners doomsday fantasy “Götterdämmerung” and modern protest songs.
world premiere on 22 Oktober 2020.


A musical tutorial for all those who tend to losing it from time to time
Music theatre of the Young Ensemble of the Neuköllner Oper
by Yuval Halpern (music), Felix Krakau (text), Bjørn de Wildt (director)
The winds become rougher and the sound sharper, the nerves lie bare. Not an easy time for the easily heated. But don’t worry: You are not alone: Together we’ll get it all under control!
world premiere on 27 October 2020. Until 4 November 2020. 
November shows postponed to 2021 due to pandemic regulations


by Moritz Rinke/Mathias Schönsee (direction) and Cymin Samawatie/Ketan Bhatti/Trickster Orchestra (music).
The end of the Beethoven year 2020: The Berlin Philharmonic Hall got hit by a comet, the maestro has airs and graces, a girl rebels – and the man who calls himself Beethoven, pursues the goal of reworking not only his Promethean works with a humanistic mission, but all of humanity as well.
The award-winning author Moritz Rinke, director Mathias Schönsee and the transcultural Trickster Orchestra weave humorous drama with Beethoven’s musical cosmos – and in doing so challenge Western White European music history in an unheard-of way.
Berlin premiere on 28 November 2020.
Cancelled due to Corona restrictions, postponed to autumn 2021


ist die welt auch noch so schön
A loneliness study by Ulrike Schwab and Juliane Stadelmann with music from Paul Lincke’s Frau Luna
Mr. K. died. Nobody noticed. Nobody knew more about him than the fleeting greetings in passing about a human being. That and the music, he heard. Operetta music…
Revival from 31 January 2021. Until 27 February 2021
Audio-Drama to be released in February 2021


GIOVANNI. Eine Passion
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – STEGREIF.orchester – Juri de Marco – Ulrike Schwab
Don Juan – a timeless myth? In search of answers we go back to the origin of the legend. To Seville. At his grave we gather and with the memory of him his stories awaken to new life. This is how an exuberant folk festival develops between a funeral celebration, a carnival stroll and a procession. In GIOVANNI. A Passion STEGREIF.orchester and Neuköllner Oper work together for the first time, seeking different perspectives on Mozart’s opera. The boundary between instrumentalists and singers becomes blurred and Mozart meets Improvisation, Elektro and spanish music.
Revival in Summer 2020.


The award winning prouctions of the Berliner Operpreis 2020
The teams around the composers Samuel Penderbayne (Munich) and Andys Skordys (Nikosia/Amsterdam) the jury of the Berliner Opernpreis 2020 with their concepts. They each write a 30 minute music theatre piece based on a short story by Ferdinand von Schirach.
world premiere in Spring 2021.


A storage chamber play

by Amy Stebbins and Sir Henry
More and more small rooms are rented out at surging prices. If this continues, living will only be possible as a acrobatic action, as a whole body origami in a shoe box. Because Berlin’s apartment is being fragmented, divided, quartered and, from a hipsters side, drawing nearer to the state that used to be the setting of the metropolis of the 1920s. Focussing the history of the Berlin tenement such as the „Richardsburg“ a satirical living theatre is staged – with elements from slapstick, songs, dance and scenes.
world premiere presumably in Spring 2021.


A declaration of love to life and the lost dreams of the 1990s

by Hakan Savas Mican and Jörg Gollasch
1989 ff. Miracles still happen, next to the fall of the Berlin wall. One of them is the lovestory of Lisa and Cem, two young people from very different worlds. Cem’s mother Esma, who works as a cleaner, really has other plans for her only son. He is supposed to study in order to one day live a better life than her.Lisa’s grandmother Eva, a forgotten opera star from Marzahn (DDR), has equally grand plans with her offspring: She wants her to have a big carreer as a singer. But Eva’s plan does not envision a romance with a muslim for her Lisa. But that’s the way miracles work: they happen unasked for. Lisa and Cem fall in love, get married, Lisa gets pregnant. Once, twice, thrice. She loves her children and forgets about her own life. Both juggle: Cem between grafiti, university and his student job in a factory; Lisa between being a mother, wearing a head scarf and the admission exam for the music academy. But then they realize, that their life has brought them to a point of no return.
world premiere presumably in October 2021.