Season 2020/21

Dear audience,

FINALLY (!) get going again, with you and where the Neuköllner Oper belongs. And waited for it, seven lockdown months and felt years in digital space.

So let’s get started! Our brand-new live performance schedule starts on June 11 with EINE STIMME FÜR DEUTSCHLAND (A VOICE FOR GERMANY) – Peter Lund’s and Thomas Zaufke’s musical acknowledgement of the elections in the fall, which will decide so many things.

From August 26, we invite you to an unusual encounter at no less unusual venue. Witness the “freshly resurrected” – newly rehearsed – GIOVANNI. A PASSION. There, where a Passion belongs: on the cemetery, more concretely the New St. Jacobi Cemetery in Neukölln. The production by Ulrike Schwab and STEGREIF.orchester had – maybe you saw it – received great acclaim from audiences and experts in the fall of 2019. During this year’s rehearsals, Ulrike Schwab will be presented with the prestigious MORTIER NEXT GENERATION sponsorship award in Salzburg.

In the cemetery and chapel, with the first autumn leaves (September 9-11 ), we also continue the WUNDERKAMMER series with an excursion into the realm of fungi, biological and artificial intelligence, and – then in the Schinkel Rotunda of the Altes Museum – to the “Wunderwerk Körper” (November 12/13). Two major productions will be premiered in the NKO hall: with BERLIN KARL-MARX-PLATZ (Oct. 9), Hakan Savaş Mican and Jörg Gollasch tell, for the first time with us, a declaration of love to life and the lost dreams of the 90s. On December 2 finally lands that MANN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANNTE, a birthday greeting by Moritz Rinke, Mathias Schönsee and the Trickster Orchestra postponed by Lockdown. Spread over fall and winter, three laboratories under the title invite you to join us in researching new, analog and digital possibilities of participation and co-creation with artists, scientists and you.

However, all these plans will only come true if the incidence is right. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Your Neuköllner Oper


Overview of the season 2020/21

A new series of experiences for a curious audience

What experiential spaces can music and narration still open, beyond current theatrical forms? Could the mirrored cabinets of historical Wunderkammern create a productive, sensory echo chamber that enables other perspectives on a complex world? The cabinets of curiosity around 1600 – predecessors of today’s museums – placed their often bizarre exhibits of art, craft, nature, and science in a holistic “world context” that we often lack today. Inspired by this, the Neuköllner Oper offers a new event format that brings together a curious audience with experts from music, science and art. With music as the central mediator, found objects, narratives and experiments are brought together in a different light.
Next dates in September and November


Eine Stimme für Deutschland
The musical receipt. Music: Thomas Zaufke, Lyrics: Peter Lund

Election campaign in Germany! For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, the New Right has a real chance to become mayor! Or rather mayor!
The green top candidate Regula Hartmann-Hagenbeck fights doggedly against her competitor Alina Deutschmann, who has been washed with all media waters. But the two daughters of the single mothers are also engaged in a merciless battle for Germany’s political future in the schoolyard. And over Albert, the naive newcomer to the class.
Pars pro toto – from the small to the big. In keeping with this motto, and in keeping with the election year, we have gone to the provinces, where the real trends are set.
First performance on June 11, 2021


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – STEGREIF.orchester – Juri de Marco – Ulrike Schwab

Don Giovanni – a timeless myth? In search of answers we go back to the origin of the legend. To Seville. At his grave we gather and with the memory of him his stories awake to new life. This is how a lively folk festival develops, between funeral celebrations, carnival frenzy and procession. In GIOVANNI. Eine Passion STEGREIF.orchester and Neuköllner Oper play together for the first time and develop with the “opera of all operas” a “liberated” music theater, conductor- and score-free, a mobile production in which singers and instrumentalists “merge” and Mozart meets improvisation, electro and traditional Spanish music.
Revival on August 26, 2021.


A Love Song by Hakan Savaş Mican (text, direction) and Jörg Gollasch (music)

1989 ff. Miracles still happen, except for the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of them: the love story of Lisa and Cem, two young people from very different worlds. Actually, Cem’s mother Esma, who works as a cleaner, has other plans for her only son. She wants him to study and have a better life than she does.
Lisa’s grandmother Eva, a forgotten GDR opera star from Marzahn, also has big plans for her granddaughter. Lisa is to make a career as a singer. Eva’s plan does not include a romantic love story with a Mohammedan. But that’s the way it is with miracles. They happen without being asked. And so Lisa and Cem fall in love. They marry. Lisa gets pregnant, once, twice, a third time. She loves her children and forgets her own life. Both juggle: Cem between graffiti, university and his student job in the factory; Lisa between motherhood, wearing a headscarf and the entrance exam to the music academy. Eventually they realize that life has brought them to a point of no return.
World premiere on October 9, 2021.


Der Mann der sich Beethoven nannte
by Moritz Rinke/Mathias Schönsee (text) and Cymin Samawatie/Ketan Bhatti/Trickster Orchestra (music)

It’s the end of the Beethoven Year 2020: the Berlin Philharmonic has been hit by a comet, the maestro has airs and graces, a girl rebels – and the man who calls himself Beethoven is on a humanistic mission to revise not only his Promethean works, but all of humanity at once.
Award-winning author Moritz Rinke, director Mathias Schönsee and the transcultural Trickster Orchestra interweave humorous drama with Beethoven’s musical cosmos – challenging Western-White-European musical history in an unheard-of way.
World premiere on December 2, 2021


The winning pieces of the Berlin Opera Prize 2020

The teams around the composers Samuel Penderbayne (Munich) and Andys Skordys (Nicosia/Amsterdam) have convinced the jury of the newly established Berlin Opera Prize 2020 with their concepts. They will each write a 30-minute music theater work based on a short story by Ferdinand von Schirach.
Postponed to June 23, 2022

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