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The Neuköllner Oper developed 220 premieres during the 40 years of its existence. An overview can be found here .
At the moment, this archive is under construction and will be updated constantly.

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Next play time 10.10.2019, 20.00 - 22.30

Next play time 10.10.2019, 20.00 - 22.30
A passion in which Mozart meets improvisation, electro and traditional Spanish music.

Happy B*Day, Clara!

Next play time 13.09.2019, 21.30 - 00.00

Next play time 13.09.2019, 21.30 - 00.00
Party / Get-together for more and fair working opportunities for women in music theatre.

Casting Clara

Next play time 24.08.2019, 20.00 - 21.30

Next play time 24.08.2019, 20.00 - 21.30
Wunderkind, piano virtuoso, composer, wife of Robert Schumann, mother of eight children, professor and working almost until her death at the age of 76 - Clara Schumann. Who was this power woman of the 19th century?


Do the good ones still have to die because the mean ones just can't bear to be so small in spirit? DRACHENHERZ wants to pursue this question and has borrowed the great story of the Siegfried Saga in order to retell it in the here and now and above all with today's means of the musical.


An evening of failures large and small, setbacks and of dealing with grief – we follow Orpheus into the realm of the dead and save what can be saved.


Our voice for a multifaceted Neukölln benefit concert against exclusion and violence

ist die welt auch noch so schön

Next play time 10.09.2019, 20.00 - 21.30

Next play time 10.09.2019, 20.00 - 21.30
Mr. K. died. Nobody noticed. Nobody knew more about him than the fleeting greetings in passing about a human being. That and the music, he heard. Operetta music...

9 Tage wach

He had a relationship with her for years after the first failed childhood love. Growing up at the gates of Dresden, Eric Stehfest came into contact with the party drug Crystal Meth at the age of 14 in Neustadt...

Die Fleisch

drama of the girl Ayamé who is forced to work as a prostitute to pay off the debts of her dead father. All efforts of her bridegroom to free her from the bordello fail and the young couple is left with only one other way out, a traditional Japanese one.


The whole city is talking about Elfie. But she really doesn’t care. Because it’s not true, because no one understands, because no one is interested in what drives and what suffocates her about these people and this city.
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