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The Neuköllner Oper developed 220 premieres during the 42 years of its existence. An overview can be found here .
At the moment, this archive is under construction and will be updated constantly.

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Iron Curtain Man

Next play time 22.04.202020.0021.30

Next play time 22.04.202020.0021.30
Rise and Fall of Dean Reed, the "Red Elvis"

Opera for Sale

Next play time 28.04.202020.0021.30

Next play time 28.04.202020.0021.30
Berlin in the not too distant future: the city has lost the battle against international investors, has been upgraded. The Neuköllner Opera House also became a share deal - the new owner of the building invites to an exclusive music theatre event for a widely travelled audience: authentic music theatre as it used to be...

Anger and Longing

Ist Graffiti Vandalismus? Oder politische Kunst? Sicher eines: Widerstand gegen eine saubergeputzte, glattgezogene Stadt.


Next play time 24.04.202020.0021.30

Next play time 24.04.202020.0021.30
What would the city be without a Google campus, and what would Kreuzberg be without a few people who have little sympathy for it?


An evening of music theater about the loss of home and the sense of belonging; a story about identity and growing up.

Die Weise von Liebe und Tod (Love and Death)

Why are people excited to die? In the west, people are horrified and paralyzed by those who carry themselves and others into death. But this has also taken place here, in our home, and not that recently.


Do the good ones still have to die because the mean ones just can't bear to be so small in spirit? DRACHENHERZ wants to pursue this question and has borrowed the great story of the Siegfried Saga in order to retell it in the here and now and above all with today's means of the musical.

Amnesie Atlantis

Performing a play about the war and actually only singing Abba?. Dig into the rubble and come across Atlantis. In the middle of Berlin.
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