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Cymin Samawatie awarded With Berlin Jazz award 2022

Congratulations! We have known you for years as a fabulous jazz musician – but that is only one talent among many. Because you are “not only a jazz musician” at ECM and on various stages, you are not only a singer, instrumentalist, composer, band founder and leader (of Cyminology, Divan of the Continents, Trickster Orchestra …), not only a bridge builder between the Arabic, European and Far Eastern cultural and musical space, between Persian lyricism, vocal melos, refined jazz and new music, but – and you see: How long will sentences that try to describe you in one – but also good for every new discovery: as an actress in our crossover DER MANN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANNTE or as a presenter in the oper. digital projects, with which we have also drawn the bow to the sciences…. But now that this sentence has come to an end, the next one can only go like this: You wouldn’t be the Cymin we know, appreciate, and love if you didn’t also showcase other talents – perhaps at a music conservatory with a focus on connecting musical styles and cultural practices? In any case: we look forward to what may come after the Jazz Prize!

 Bernhard Glocksin, Artistic Director of the Neuköllner Oper

Foto: © Thomas Koy

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