Neuköllner Perlen: Spielstättentour on 30 October

Theater in a different way: the venue tour allows you to locate the independent scene historically and architecturally, to get to know its actors personally and to watch rehearsal excerpts. The artist and venue director Aurora Kellermann leads through the houses and introduces her colleagues. In Neukölln, the TATWERK | Performative Forschung, the Heimathafen Neukölln and the Neuköllner Oper will be visited. The venue tour was created in collaboration with StattReisen Berlin.

Find all infos on the program of Theaterscoutings and on how to sign up here.

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Season 2021/22

Who wants to act, needs dreams. For this we write plays and music. New ones every year, and different ones every year. Our dream remains, it tells of a fair life also for others who have fewer opportunities than us. The future begins now and through us, for a world without climate catastrophes, poverty and injustice. For this it needs a lot of inspiration, music, stories and of course and not least humor.  

So our theme is transformation – in ourselves, in society, economy, culture (institutions). To this end, we have invented eleven plays and series. Some are explicitly about climate change, like the performance series with THE PRESENT and NEW SONGS FROM THE EARTH with the STEGREIF.orchester, activists and initiatives from Berlin and the surrounding area.

Other productions revolve around aspects of change on further levels.

We begin with an incomparable experience under the stars: GIOVANNI.EINE PASSION asked about the possibilities and limits of self-awareness and self-expression. BERLIN KARL-MARX-PLATZ sings the “love song” of a young couple in Neukölln at the beginning of the 90s, when suddenly there was only one system of values and society. DER MANN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANNTE comes back after two centuries, hears himself again in a completely different musical language and asks questions: about our cultural life and how far we have come with his credo of equality, freedom and justice. EINE STIMME FÜR DEUTSCHLAND plays through oblique positions and motifs of the last election campaign once again in all musical registers, lusty, cheeky and absolutely non-pc. LILI recalls the fascinating work and life of Lili Boulanger – why must such talents die at 24? And why are female composers so little performed to this day? With SCHÖNER WOHNEN Amy Stebbins and Sir Henry perform contemporary and rent-cap-misery-compatible Tiny Apartment. 25 years of vibrant, exemplary collaboration for hands-on education: On the occasion of 25 years of cooperation with the UdK degree program Musical/Show, the team Zaufke & Lund confronts us in TRIPLE THREAT with the beauties, challenges and dangers of the art form musical. MEXICO AURA connects Berlin with Mexico and a globalized, post(?)colonial world in an international MusikTanzTheater at the Humboldt Forum. A play around art objects, myths and everyday reality between prehispanic sounds and modern sounds of the young composer Diana Syrse. 

Three program series spanning and deepening the season play selected venues as new stages in the city: the finalist production of comPOSITION, our BERLINER OPERNPREIS, invites you to the Kulturstall Britz, including a supporting program. The new cooperation with the vocal ensemble THE PRESENT creates performative programs on climate change at different locations. Our WUNDERKAMMER-series – where music and current science combine to create a different view of the world – invites curious audiences to special “resonance spaces,” including the Prinzessinnengarten Neukölln, the Altes Museum in Mitte, and the Oriental Garden in Marzahn.

Photo: Maya Alban-Zapata and Christian Kerepeszki in Der Mann der sich Beethoven nannte | © Matthias Heyde

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Are you #kulturhungrig?

A year (almost) without theater. No acting, no singing, no dancing, no music. Silence in front of, on and behind the stage. Because culture is not a nice accessory in our society, but a staple, the Friends of the Berlin Theaters have started the initiative #kulturhungrig: All friends and the audience of the theaters, opera houses and concert halls to call, write, perform, and beam the expression of their anticipation of an imminent opening to the world …

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Affordable housing, farewell?

We had a dream, it was small and modest, we thought… It was about affordable rents and the right to live. That dream seemed at least within reach in 2020, the year Felix Krakau and Yuval Halpern’s real estate infotainment OPERA FOR SALE premiered: “As of February 2020, rents for about 1.5 million […] apartments were frozen at June 2019 levels. Rents that were more than 20 percent above the ceilings [were] prohibited by law.” (Berliner Morgenpost, 16.4.21) Now the rent cap has been overturned by the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, tenants* face great uncertainties – and we all face the next round in the concrete gold monopoly.

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MOON MUSIC – looking back on new beginnings

Three months, three pieces – with the three-part music theater series MOON MUSIC, the Neuköllner Oper has started the year 2021. While culture has been at a standstill in the analog space since November and will presumably remain at a standstill in the coming months, we have set everything in motion to ensure that music and theater can continue to take place.

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Urban Stories – Easter Exchange: Everyone from 14 years can sign up now!

The Easter vacations are just around the corner, but with vacation it will probably rather nothing. Nevertheless, we want to get out of our own four walls and into the city! The Neukölln Opera is organizing the URBAN STORIES – Easter Exchange for everyone aged 14 and over and is on the lookout for stories from the neighborhood.

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Berliner Opernpreis winner on Fedora-Shortlist

Do you still remember the electro-acoustic satire of the EU knight on odyssey through the EU’s control centers? Go, ÆNEAS, go! by Spin Off Collective won the Berliner Opernpreis in 2014. Composer Raquel García-Tomás was part of the award-winning collective at the time, and her works are now performed in opera houses, concert halls and theaters from Luxembourg to Argentina.

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