Vorglühen im Juli

On the next four Fridays in July, we will be warming up for the coming 2020/21 season from 8 pm onwards – with new pieces and delicacies for nostalgics. An overview of the programme at the Music Theatre Window for the coming weeks:

The 2019 premiere of the play GIOVANNI. A Passion explores the myth behind the Mozart opera, driven by the immense creativity of the ensemble, consisting of the 22 members of the innovative STEGREIF.orchester and the director Ulrike Schwab as well as the musical directors Juri de Marco and Anna-Sophie Brüning. Actually the resumption should have taken place now, but had to be postponed due to the ban on playing. The preview with a mini cast can be heard on 3 July at the Musiktheater-Fenster: With soprano Hrund Ósk Árnadóttir, tenor Daniel Arnaldos and Anne-Sophie Bereuter as well as Franz Berlin on violin, Paul Lapp on double bass, Julia Bilat on cello and Alistair Duncan on trombone.

The evening on 10 July will be opened by Ensemble NONPLUSULTRA, the magnificent salon orchestra of the Berlin Opera Ball, which will take place next February. The musical director of the Neuköllner Opera House Hans-Peter Kirchberg (piano) will step to the window together with ensemble member Katja Reinbold (flute). This will be followed by a preview of the ultimate real estate infotainment about the ownership situation on the Berlin housing market: Felix Krakau’s OPERA FOR SALE just managed the premiere in March, before the lockdown brought silence to our hall. Now the OPERA FOR SALE ensemble can be heard live again: With Teresa Scherhag (vocals), Sophia Euskirchen (vocals), Omri Abramov (reeds), Doron Segal (synthesizer) and Yuval Halpern (vocals). More of OPERA FOR SALE will be available soon in the form of a six-part web series, more about this soon!

The penultimate evening of our Season Preview on July 17 is dedicated to the Beethoven Year 2020: DER MANN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANNTE by Moritz Rinke (lyrics), Mathias Schönsee (direction) and the transcultural Trickster Orchestra (music) challenges western white music history. On the music theatre window are Cymin Samawatie (vocals), Taiko Saito (mallets), Korhan Erel (electronics), Wu Wei (sheng), Niko Meinhold (piano), Ralf Schwarz (double bass).

On the last VORGLÜHEN evening we will take another look at the past seasons together: At the Best Of evening on July 24th with the ensemble of DRACHENHERZ with Dominik Franke (piano), Nicola Kripylo (vocals), Denis Riffel (vocals), Timo Stacey (vocals), Ngako Keuni (vocals) and Florian Heinke (vocals).

When the hall windows close again and we put our ventilation system into operation instead, we finally bring the stage action back into our house after almost five months of analog music theater abstinence – and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to the Neuköllner Opera House!

A contribution by Clara Fandel (Communications/Editorial)


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