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Eine Stimme für Deutschland

The musical bill.

Music: Thomas Zaufke | Text: Peter Lund 

World Premiere on June 5, 2021.

Election campaign in Germany!
For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany the New Right has the real chance to become mayor!

The green top candidate Regula Hartmann-Hagenbeck fights doggedly against her competitor Alina Deutschmann, who has been washed with all media waters. But the two daughters of the single mothers are also engaged in a merciless battle for Germany’s political future in the schoolyard. And over Albert, the naive newcomer to the class.
Pars pro Toto – from the small to the big. In keeping with this motto, and in keeping with the election year, we have gone to the provinces, where the real trends are set, and where the CDU has long since been ready to become the junior partner of either a new right-wing Germany or an eco-dictatorship – depending on which camp is currently railing against whom.
Yes, the arguments are lustily unobjective and totally manipulative fake news, and you almost can’t decide who you’d rather wish defeat on in this thoroughly immoral election thriller. But only almost.
Thanks to Thomas Zaufke’s wonderfully catchy election slogans, rhymed together by Peter Lund in his usual blasphemous manner, as well as a happy ending that finally provides a comprehensive explanation of how this social division could come about (and above all, how to heal it!), nothing stands in the way of an election evening in the Neuköllner Opera House that is as grotesque as it is enjoyable.

Musical direction: Hans-Peter Kirchberg/Tobias Bartholmeß | Director: Peter Lund | Arrangements: Markus Syperek | Choreography: Cristina Perera | Stage/Costume: Ulrike Reinhard

With: Clarissa Gundlach, Soufjan Ibrahim, Maria Joachimstaller, Gwen Johansson, Fabian Sedlmeir, Mascha Volmershausen, Veronika de Vries, Joel Zupan

Musicians: Jo Gehlmann/Peter Geltat (guitar), Markus Syperek/Vitaliy Kyianytsia (piano), Leonardo von Papp (drums), Ralph Gräßler (bass), Hans-Peter Kirchberg/Tobias Bartholmess (synthesizer)

Cooperation with the Musical/Show program of the UdK Berlin

Click here for download of the evening programme.


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photo: © Matthias Heyde

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