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Wunderkammer V: Musik im Kopf

Once again, we ourselves are the “material” of our journey of discovery: We, the audience and the singers and musicians at excerpts of the music theater LILI – about the life story and music of the highly talented and early deceased Lili Boulanger.
The theater hall now becomes a space of experience, which makes brain activities with and through music visible and – this would be a second experiment – transforms measured values back into music and image. For this purpose, selected test subjects from the ensemble and the audience wear lightweight headsets that make measured values of their brain waves visible. In this way, knowledge of neuroscience and applied disciplines (Brain Computer Interface, etc.) becomes visible and tangible, and we can set out on the trail of certain questions: How is it with the “goose bump effect” with special music? With whom does it occur and when, and with whom not?  How can related feelings such as compassion or emotion be measured and explained? And finally: What new experiences and insights do I gain from attending opera and theater?

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