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Berlin: cosmopolitan city of science, museums and the arts! In the heart of the city, around Museum Island, we will once again embark on a journey of discovery with experts from science, philosophy and music to find answers to an essential question: Which thought patterns can offer us support and orientation today? And what role can music play in this?

The WUNDERKAMMER TRILOGY starts at the Neues Museum with a captivating exploration of ancient Egyptian culture. Their fundamental ideas about God, the world and man are the starting point of our research and reflect phenomena of our time in which bonds and responsibilities seem to be eroding – be it towards nature, social interaction or the belief in a transcendent realm of existence. The second stage is dedicated to the role of ethics in the light of current findings in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

And finally, in the third stage, we “sail” on Berlin’s primeval river Spree to the “Island of Utopia” in search of new concepts for the future.

Stage 1: Neues Museum, 22/23 March 2024

Stage 2: Humboldt Laboratory, 26/27 June 2024

Stage 3: Boat trip, 21/22 September 2024

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