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The Volkslied 3000-Jury Made it’s decision…

… about the winners of the composition competition, who can be heard live at the Kommen und Gehen Festival in Görlitz on August 21 and at VOLKSLIED 3000. Das Konzert on September 3, alongside commissioned compositions by Max Prosa & Alin Coen, Die Grenzgänger, João Oreccia and Tonia Reeh.

We congratulate the following prize winners for the musical settings of the texts generated by the artificial intelligence GPT3 (in no particular order)

Johannes Wester: “Stars
Anton Israel: “Time to flee”.
Pony Pracht: “And I know”.
Migati: “Generate little text, please”.
Rosenroth: “Time of silence”

as well as the special prize winner

Anne Munka: “Nazis out!”

VOLKSLIED 3000 – Das Konzert

3 September 2022, 8 pm

Presentation of winning songs and the commissioned works by Max Prosa & Alin Coen, Die Grenzgänger, João Oreccia und Tonia Reeh at Neuköllner Oper

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