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Sat 21.09. 15:00 Premiere

VVK-Start am 3.9.

Sun 22.09. 11:00

VVK-Start am 3.9.

Start: Bootsanlegestelle Fischerinsel

Can we still hope in the face of gloomy future scenarios? Does utopia still make sense in a world compulsively modelled by algorithms? Much of what we take for granted today, not least the continent, form of government and nations in which we live, is the product of a dream. A figment of the imagination that once exceeded the limits of what was conceivable and feasible and (who would have thought it back then!) has become reality. Thinking in terms of utopias has to do with self-empowerment and one of the most amazing human abilities: the ability to dream dreams together.

And that’s what we want to do: In the final stage of our trilogy In Principle of Hope, we set off, like some utopians before us, on a boat journey in search of the island of Utopia, on the waters of the Spree and along the skyline of our city. We will be accompanied by the author, well-travelled utopian Ilija Trojanow, the activist and advocate of “radical politeness” Paulina Fröhlich, the journalist and utopia researcher Greta Taubert and the musical utopians of the collective “Selbstgebaute Musik”.

On shore, there will be discoveries and activities in three alternative groups that will get us dreaming, thinking, building and making music. Back on the ship, we will then collate the harvest of our excursion.

CONCEPT, RESEARCH, MODERATION Bernhard Glocksin, Sabrina Rossetto

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An event as part of the Wunderkammer series in collaboration with

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