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Urban Stories – Easter Exchange: Everyone from 14 years can sign up now!

The Easter vacations are just around the corner, but with vacation it will probably rather nothing. Nevertheless, we want to get out of our own four walls and into the city! The Neukölln Opera is organizing the URBAN STORIES – Easter Exchange for everyone aged 14 and over and is on the lookout for stories from the neighborhood.
In four workshops on acting, music, dance and text, we use the streets of Neukölln as a stage. We roam through the urban space that surrounds us and rethink it, turn it upside down, turn it once around its axis. Between bridal fashions and arcades we let ourselves be inspired – we develop choreos, search for words, find sounds, create scenes. Questions could be: Who are the people from the neighborhood and which characters can be invented, which stories can be told? What words are hurled at us, what is written on the signs or the walls – and what could emerge from them? A Späti poem, an ode to the arcades, or a dialogue between two pigeons? What choreographies do we discover on the streets and how can we invent new ones? How would we like to move in public, but have never dared? Can we make music from the sounds of the environment? We work with sounds, instruments, beats and vocals to find the sound of Neukölln! First we work separately in the small groups of the different disciplines and at the end we mix everything together to a common performance in the urban space. This way a tour of the arts through Neukölln will be created in record time! Sign up, food and drinks will be provided!

Registration with name, date of birth, address and cell phone number
until 28.3.21 at the latest to the project leader Franziska Korte at:

written by Felix Krakau 

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