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New Year, New Productions

What’s not in our bones? After waves of inflation and pandemics, after the multiple crises, we are actually quite happy to come home in the evening, fall into our armchairs at home and switch off. And not to take a seat on hard theater chairs and then to occupy ourselves with stories from and about others.

But what would our everyday life be if that didn’t exist anymore: that feeling of sitting together in a hall where the lights go out and you become part of another world, one that surrounds us with music and makes us laugh, stare or cry? What if we didn’t have that anymore: those conversations afterwards and the anticipation of upcoming and unknown pieces that bring new things to life in our little ballroom where you are so close to each other?

We theater-makers are looking forward to the start of the new year and invite you to the euphoria of founding your own state and the craziness of a family on an old anti-aircraft platform off the coast of England in RADIOLAND, to a double love story of composers in BÉSAME MUCHO, to a re-encounter with Spain’s legendary queer icon OCAÑA and the world saviors THE PRESENT, among others. a. in the Kiezkapelle/Princess Gardens, to animals, robots and world explorations at two new WUNDERKAMMERN

Your Neuköllner Opera is looking forward to seeing you at all these new departures!

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