Affordable housing, farewell?

We had a dream, it was small and modest, we thought… It was about affordable rents and the right to live. That dream seemed at least within reach in 2020, the year Felix Krakau and Yuval Halpern’s real estate infotainment OPERA FOR SALE premiered: “As of February 2020, rents for about 1.5 million […] apartments were frozen at June 2019 levels. Rents that were more than 20 percent above the ceilings [were] prohibited by law.” (Berliner Morgenpost, 16.4.21) Now the rent cap has been overturned by the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, tenants* face great uncertainties – and we all face the next round in the concrete gold monopoly.
Learn more about real estate speculation and the struggle for decent housing in our web series Opera for Sale and on the Angel Dust Company site.

PS: Hope dies last. Because, Sebastian Scheel, Senator for Urban Development and Housing is not giving up: “In the Senate we […] will discuss the consequences of the ruling. The Senate [feels] obliged to develop socially acceptable solutions for tenants.” (Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing)

written by Änne-Marthe Kühn (dramaturgy)

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The moon in the eye (of the beholder)

With the series MOON MUSIC, together with the STEGREIF.orchester and the Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin, a three-part music-theater-film-experiment started, which touched 200 people in the first part, even though each*one was in very different places. Our musical metamorphosis is about the fantastic goal to save an old king in times of cold, insecurities and distance …
(or maybe not), to find spring again and finally to dare a new beginning. But before this “new start” can then take place in March in the third part, the preparations must first be made – as in real life:

MOON MUSIC 1 – Farewell: The people behind the computer screens let go of their worries and troubles and handed them over to us. In the second part we will now de-care them….

MOON MUSIC 2 – Transformation: While in the times of the C. the previous theater making is almost impossible, it does not let us go. In the current times, new rules apply in all areas of life and so it is time to rethink the rules for creating musical theater as well. We are currently working on a new music theater-concert-interaction hybrid. And we are looking forward to shooting some crazy scenes with our “” in the streets of Neukölln for two days at the beginning of February.

The four-piece ensemble (consisting of singer Marine Madelin the STEGREIF musicians Konstantin Döben (trumpet), Bertram Burkert (guitar), Antonio Rivero (percussion)) has taken it upon itself to carry the burdens of the first group up the mountain and deliver them to the holy place between death and life on Hermannstraße.

For the again interactive digital concert will then take place on February 10 and 12 in the Kiezkapelle at the New St. Jacobi Cemetery near the Prinzessinnengärten.

And again we will ask questions to the audience – this time about transformation, because only together we can take this journey. And only if each individual – whether musician or audience member – is ready for change, can a greater change be achieved socially, ecologically, politically.

MOON MUSIC 3 – New Beginning: In March we will rehearse a change with spring and for a new time.

A contribution by Änne-Marthe Kühn (dramaturgy)

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New year, new luck!

While the pandemic does not allow for theatrical performances for good reasons, we still want to make good use of the time to be able to meet or stay in touch with you in other ways: We are working on transforming our productions into partly digital, partly hopefully surprising live formats. More about this soon!



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Christmas-Jam with the Trickster Orchestra and others

To conclude the series “Beethoven Backstage”, members of the cast of “The Man Who Called Himself Beethoven” wanted to meet for the last time this year for a live session. With the founders of Trickster Orchestra Ketan Bhatti & Cymin Samawatie, who, along with pianist Niko Meinhold, composed the music of our Beethoven-production, and the Sheng-virtuoso Wu Wei.

In the spirit of “The Man Who Called Himself Beethoven” and his credo for a fairer society, we wanted to invite you to think outside the box…

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SAVE THE LAST KIEZ im Zauberkönig

Itching powder empty? Poop cushion broken? And you haven’t been enchanted for a long time? High time for a visit to the Zauberkönig at Schillerkiez! Together with Maya Alban-Zapata, Cymin Samawatie, Milian Vogel and Wu Wei (Trickster Orchestra/DER MAN DER SICH BEETHOVEN NANTE) we were on site shortly before the November lockdown and talked to the operators – about corona, board shacks and burst magic theater dreams.

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