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Wunderkammer V: Musik im Kopf

Wunderkammer V: Musik im Kopf

Music! What would life be without music? But where does it come from? Is it inscribed in our DNA? What happens when we listen and play, what roles do the head and body play here? And what can current research tell us about this?In this new Wunderkammer, too, we ourselves – audience, musicians and speakers […]

Premiere on 10. May 2022.
To 11. May 2022.

WUNDERKAMMER IV:­ Wunderwerk körper

WUNDERKAMMER IV:­ Wunderwerk körper

In this new Wunderkammer episode from NKO and the Ernst Schering Foundation, we invite you to change your perspective on what makes us tick: body and mind. How much personal and societal potential lies dormant in also understanding health and the body as the marvels of refined systems designed to balance, heal and connect? For […]

Premiere on 12. November 2021.
To 14. November 2021.

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